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Kim Site Admin

What’s a birthday without a special meal and a cake? Treat the RPR to a special something for its 12th birthday!

To enter:
In this contest, you must bake or cook something. Post pictures or the recipe -- bonus points for both! Please explain in your post why you chose the meal, and how it relates to the theme.

Your entry must somehow be themed to fit one of these categories:
  • The RP Repository
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Science, Gaming or other Nerdly Pursuits

A cake with an RPR slogan in icing? Yes please. Your recreation of the “coney stew” that Samwise Gamgee prepared for Frodo while they were on the long path to Moria? Absolutely. Rock candy you somehow crafted into perfect d20s? Genius!

You cannot enter pictures of food other people created, nor post copyrighted recipes; ie something you got out of a cookbook or magazine. Make sure it’s truly your culinary creation.

You may use molds and other special tools, so long as they are in support of a larger effort, not just something you purchased and submitted. For example, if you were to simply submit a picture of a chocolate millennium falcon you made by pouring white chocolate into a purchased mold, you would be disqualified. If on the other hand you used the resultant chocolate spaceship as part of an asteroid-field battle themed scene cake, that would be okay.

The first place winner will get to pick any one of these prizes. Then second place picks from the remaining prizes, then third, etc.

Get all your entries in by May 15th.

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:3 itz brownie time
CAN I make perfect cookies before the time comes?!?! We'll see!!! Cheering you all on in your sweet baking/epic cooking endeavors!!!
Cooking time!

1. Healthy nutty snack: Go nuts!


Recipe, steps:
Collect walnuts from the walnut tree (for extra organic flavour) or supermarket if more handy
Get a nutcracker
Position the unopened nuts in the initials of the RP Repository (RPR)
Take the required photo of the final product/layout
Eat the nuts and enjoy a tasty healthy snack!



Why you chose the meal: All adventurers know we need energy (and dried food) for the long adventurous journey/quest ahead of us
How it relates to the theme: RPR initials

Option 2: Nice but naughty explorer's snack. Go naughty!


Soft sandwich bread
Chocolate spread jar
Flat rounded knife
Sharp scissors
Clean plate
RPR Map - as a rough template


Recipe, steps:

Remove 3 slices of bread from the bag
Open the chocolate spread jar
Spread the chocolate over the chosen slices
Look at the RPR map for shape guidance
Pick up the scissors and cut out each slice of bread following roughly each of the 3 letters laid out on the map
Take a picture
Sit back and enjoy your treat



-Environment friendly: eat out any leftover bread cut-outs, they are just as yummy as the shapes are!

Why you chose the meal: All adventurers know we need a map to not get lost in our quest/journey. Time is of essence!
How it relates to the theme: RPR map

Option 3: In between good and evil. Go bananas!


Blue sugar crystals (for RPR birthday theme!)
Whipped cream flask
Flat rounded knife
Clean plate

Recipe, steps:
Pick up the plate
Slice the banana
Position the banana slices into RPR shape (this will serve as a base)
Write the RPR letters using the lactose free whipped cream (this will serve as glue)
Flatten the whipped cream a little with the pointer of the knife to make sure it sticks to the banana slices
Sprinkle blue crystal sugar cubes along the whipped cream
Take a picture
Enjoy your treat!


Why you chose the meal: After arduous travel through fantasy lands, one needs to rest at the tavern and treat oneself to something sweet, yet also with a touch of healthy.
How it relates to the theme: RPR initials


Option 4: RPR Birthday Dream Fantasy cake: Get caked, go dreamy!


-3 eggs
-1 natural yoghurt (coconut, vanilla or lemon flavoured yoghurt also works well)
-750 grs of flour (measure it by filling the empty yoghurt pot thrice)
-500 grs of sugar (measure it by filling the empty yoghurt pot twice)
-250 mls of oil (measure it by filling the empty yoghurt pot once) vegetable or olive (works well with either)
-1 sachet of yeast (royal or similar)
-butter to line the cake tin with
-1 spoonful of vanilla flavour
-walnuts (crushed/minced)
-whipped cream
-whole walnuts
-blue sugar crystals (for RPR birthday theme!)
-pink sugar crystals (for a fantasy touch)
-coloured smarties (for RPR birthday party theme!)

Recipe, steps:

Turn oven on to 180 degrees to warm it up
Pour the yoghurt into a dish/bowl
Clean up and dry the pot of yoghurt
Grab a dish/bowl and put 3 yoghurt pot measures of flour (set aside)
Grab a dish/bowl and put 2 yoghurt pot measures of sugar (set aside)
Fill up the empty yoghurt pot with oil (set aside)
In a large mixing bowl, break the 3 eggs
Pour in the sugar
Use a hand whisk to mix it well
Add the yoghurt and add the oil and mix the batter
At this point, you can add the fillings (chopped walnuts, spoonful of vanilla syrup)
Mix the batter well.
Grab a sifter (or a thin mesh colander)
Add the flour into the sifter (or colander) and sift into the batter
Add the yeast into the mixture
Mix it well until uniform. It will be thicker at this point.
Grab the cake tin and line the sides and base with a coat of butter and flour, tossing the excess flour out.
Pour in the mixture.
Bake in the over for 40 minutes at 180 degrees or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean
Take the cake out of the oven and tin and set aside to cool on a cooling rack.
Slice the top of the cake to achieve a flat surface
Place the sponge cake on the plate ready to serve
Surround the top and bottom edges of the cake with whipped cream (using a pipping bag or nozzle from the tin)
Sprinkle blue coloured sugar crystals around the top (crystals from our sci-fi epic adventure)
Sprinkle pink coloured sugar crystals around the bottom (for a fantasy dreamy touch)
Place pieces of whole walnuts to mimic the rocks from our sci-fi epic adventure
Add a nice number 12 in the centre, using smarties to draw the number 12






Why you chose the meal: Because it is a birthday celebration! (happy 12th birthday RPR)
How it relates to the theme: RPR epic blue crystals from the epic adventure we have just completed come in very handy

Lactose Warning:
You can use lactose-free butter and lactose-free whipping cream
Do not use smarties!

Celiac Warning:
You can use gluten-free rice flour & gluten-free yeast

Nut allergy Warning:
For those with nut allergies, do not use walnuts, use orange peel/juice for flavouring
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Just a reminder, still two weeks for this contest. :)
Dragonfire Moderator

Wargh. I have an idea, but I'm not yet certain I'll have the time. Cooking cheer to all those getting things stirring, though!
Why am I only hearing about this today?
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Jz96 wrote:
Why am I only hearing about this today?

I don't know, it's been posted and tweeted about a bunch :)
I'm probably not doing cookies, as a matter of fact. I've decided to tackle something else. Hopefully it works, or I can come up with something else! Lololol. I'm bringing in some earthy, plant-y flavor profiles. 👀
I'm not sure what time this closes exactly? Or if it's being delayed... But I'll be posting mine tonight, hopefully ovo Or early in the morning if it's still up then
Waaah I'm sorry for triple posting, whoops... Here's mine though! It didn't come out how I wanted, but I wanted to participate at least.

Rejuvenation Heart Oatcakes (Gaming)

1/2 Cup all purpose flour
1/2 Cup oat flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
2-3 Tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 Cup brewed green tea
2 Tablespoons butter or margarine, melted (plus a little extra for cooking in the pan)
1/2 Cup unsweetened applesauce
Red food coloring (optional)

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Some people count sugar as a wet ingredient but I included that too. :D Heat a little butter in the pan on the stove, and make sure it spreads out. This batter is very thick, so it should have enough space greased up that it can cook without sticking.

Next add the applesauce, the melted butter, and the tea. To be honest I added the tea before it was cold, and that was probably a bad idea as it seemed to contribute to the stickiness of the pancakes, making them more glutinous as I stirred the batter up. But it smelled pretty good... The batter may look a little gross at first. Then it will look more gross. Then once it's stirred up some more and it becomes smoother, it will look a little better. Mine was sort of grayish purple, and I would recommend adding red food coloring of some sort - as natural as you like, for authentic rejuvenation power - if the idea of gray pancakes puts you off.
The first oatcake I made, I put too much batter on the pan (I used a spoon to spread it on). I had it on medium-low heat, and I ended up turning it up because it took five minutes to cook on just one side... That was a very pretty crispy brown, though!
The next cake, I spread thinner, because I didn't want the middle to turn out so chewy. It looked a lot better. The oats were still kind of rough-looking, because it was a coarse flour, but it smelled lovely while cooking and seemed drier, less chewy. As the butter cooked off, the back side of the pancake turned a lovely brown smooth sheen. Unfortunately the front side, which I spread too awkwardly, cooked a little unevenly. That did make pockets of butteriness, though, so maybe it's one of life's happy little accidents. Thanks, Bob Ross!
After that the oaty pancakes (panny oatcakes?) turned out pretty well, but it still took a while to cook them. I served mine with honey and melted butter. They were good cold, too.
Makes about 9 pancakes, medium-sized. :) Good luck, and good health!


Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Okay, contest closed to entries! Judging is beginning. :)
Kim wrote:
Okay, contest closed to entries! Judging is beginning. :)

Thank you for hosting this fun contest!

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