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Updates to Rules and Rating Clarification

Posted by Kim on May 25, 2022, 9:00am

Hey friends! Heads up, we've made some updates to the site rules, rating clarifications, and even to special rules for specific forums.

Site Use Rules And Terms

The main change to the site rules is that we've broken some rules out of the "Don't use the RPR for illegal or extreme content" heading, and given them their own headings. The rules are still the same as they were when lumped under that one heading, but with a few clarifications in language and for edge cases.

The rules that gained their own headings are:

Rating Clarifications

The big news for rating guidelines is that we've decided to carve out an exception in our swearing rules to allow for common online abbreviations of the f-bomb, such as wtf and "cute af". Yes, you read that right, you can now lmfao!
Otherwise, all four letters of an f-bomb still require full starring, and we'd prefer you use a substitute like "frak" if you can. :)

The language in many of our rating clarification sections have received updates and clarifications, but it should still feel entirely familiar to long-term site users. Greater emphasis has been placed on reminding people to establish legality and consent for sexual or violent content.

A new section on what we mean by public vs. private areas of the site has been added, as we've fielded a lot of questions about that over the years.

Forum Use Rules And Terms

Again, the forum use rules and terms received minor changes to language to clarify meaning, especially in the section regarding the Adults Only forum.

The one big change is to the "In RP, maintain good perspective" rule. The title of this rule has been changed to "In RP, maintain healthy boundaries between IC and OOC" and now contains a guideline about not confusing the genders of players and their characters.

Adults-Only Forum Specific Rules

The rules specific to the adults only forum have been updated and rewritten to place an even greater emphasis on the fact that simply existing while being over the age of 18 does not imply consent, that the adults only forum is still considered a public, shared space, and that the words "adults only" still DO NOT mean "anything goes." We have also updated our rules regarding RPs that fetishize trans folk.

Moderator Name Change

Speaking of important updates -- The moderator formerly known as Heimdall is now going by the username Ilmarinen. Just a heads up that this is the same person, not a brand new mod or an imposter! ;)



June 6, 2022

Acronyms are okay, full words still need to be censored. Understood. Also cracking down on the fetishization of trans people is based.


May 26, 2022

To be clear, that reference in my first post was just a bit of historian's humor. I am quite pleased by these changes.


May 25, 2022

I'm glad to see this and thank-you. :)


May 25, 2022



May 25, 2022

yessss, i'm so glad to be seeing less trans fetishizing tropes


May 25, 2022

Finally I can stop having to check my posts to make sure they contain no "problematic" abbreviations, that was annoying af.