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Friday RP Prompt

Posted by Kim on August 7, 2020, 9:00am

RP prompts may be complete plot ideas, a single situation, a character, a feeling, a challenge, or even a photo to use as inspiration. Start a new RP to play them out, or use them to add a twist to an existing RP. Modify them, take inspiration from them, or use them as is!
Just recently a rich, eccentric billionaire died childless. He was known for being a jerk and a tight wad but nothing could prepare you for the fact that you and three other seemingly random people from around the world have been summoned to the reading of his will. None of you ever met the billionaire, did business with him or are remotely related to him. You also have never met each other before. Yet here you are, all expenses paid to sit in his lawyer's office as the will is read. But why did his secretary just lock the office door?
- Suggested by Dndmama
Do you have a suggestion for a RP prompt or plot bunny you'd like to see featured in the news? Send it to Kim -- if it's picked, you'll receive credit for the idea.



August 10, 2020

Ooh, I might do this one...


August 7, 2020

So many different ways this one could go! Love it! <3


August 7, 2020

That rp prompt sounds really interesting


August 7, 2020

Oh this is a good one, wooo buddy.