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Hope is High! Plus, More Research Materials

Posted by Kim on April 27, 2021, 2:05pm

Thanks to our farmers providing food, our builders providing shelter, and our warriors providing safety, refugee hope is high enough for the final enchanted seal to be found! 10 new puzzles/riddles/collections have been revealed. Keep that hope above 5000 to make sure the south enchanted seal doesn't vanish again!


Along with the new seal, it seems our friend the Elven Scientist has just located even more documents relevant to the creation of the enchantments that were used to quell Mount Ovation!


We have 5 contests for you to enter for a chance at fantastic prizes.


Dice Roll Tombola

This is the easiest prize you've ever won! Just show up every day and roll a 100 sided die. Big prizes await you! Click here for the rules


Genre Mascot Art Contest

Possibly second only to epic week itself, this is one of the most anticipated events of the entire year! Artists select a genre of RP such as fantasy, sci-fi, or horror, and attempt to design an original character mascot that embodies the essence of that genre. The winners adorn our homepage all year long! Click here for the Genre Mascot Art Contest rules.


Spread the Love Raffle

You don't need any special skills in order to enter this contest. You just need to spread the word about the RPR on social media and among your friends Click here for complete rules!


Character Details List

Submit a list of ten details to prompt Original Character (OC) creators to think more deeply about who their characters are and what makes them tick, or to help them communicate the uniqueness of their characters to those who visit their profiles.
Click here for complete rules!


Comic Contest

Create a comic about life on the RPR, and post it in this topic. All artistic skill levels are quite acceptable. Even if what you're working with is stick figures, you're still highly encouraged to enter! Click here for complete rules!

Party Grab Bag Sale

This week only! What's in the bag? You might get epicness, a fistful of other items from the store, character slots or page slots, and even limited edition party favors -- all of them in random combinations and in mystery amounts! It could be a little... but it could also be a lot. Try your luck!

There's a new tab labeled "Event" that's been added to the navigation menu -- use that link to quickly jump into Epic Week 2021 from anywhere on the site.