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Submit a list of ten details to prompt Original Character (OC) creators to think more deeply about who their characters are and what makes them tick, or to help them communicate the uniqueness of their characters to those who visit their profiles.
  • Favorite childhood memory:
  • Favorite color:
  • What era they wish they were born into:
  • Ever been arrested?
  • Most memorable quote:

  • Detail lists must contain 10 detail prompts.
  • Detail prompts must not exceed a PG-13 rating
  • Detail prompts can take the form of questions, fill in the blank factoids, etc.
  • No borrowing from other lists and quizzes that are posted elsewhere online! Think up your own detail prompts.
  • You may enter more than once, but you can only win one prize.
  • By posting your detail list here, you are granting permission for others to use them to design their characters with, and to repost them if they wish on their character profiles.

The last day to submit character detail lists is May 16th 2021.

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Here's my list! :D (Hope I'm not TOO early - got really excited and started working on this right away ahaha)
    1. Is your character an optimist or a pessimist, and if asked this question would they describe themself in the same way you did?
    2. What fills your character with, specifically, "the burning rage of a thousand suns"?
    3. What is your character's favourite colour, and do they have a reason for liking it so much?
    4. How would your character type when texting? (Consider grammar, capitalization, punctuation, emoticons, etc.)
    5. Does your character have any allergies?
    6. How would your character respond to being shown compelling evidence that they were, in fact, a character?
    7. Does your character believe pineapple belongs on pizza?
    8. How would your character like to celebrate their wedding/dating anniversary (even if it's only hypothetical)?
    9. How does your character feel about being called by terms of endearment (honey, sweetheart, darling, etc), and how do they feel about using terms of endearment themself?
    10. How would your character deal with receiving a terrible haircut?
This is my first Epic Week, so hopefully I am doing this correctly! Just let me know if I am not :)

1. What personality trait does your character most find themselves envying in others?

2. What memory can your character use to help themselves smile?

3. What situation is most likely to make them lose their temper and lash out?

4. What song will always cause your character to sing along or break into dance regardless of who is watching or where they are?

5. Who is someone your character can go to for comfort or to confide in when they are sad or frightened?

6. If your character were to star in their own movie, what genre would it be?

7. What smell most reminds them of their childhood?

8. If your character needed to drop off the grid, where on earth would they go and how would they make money to survive?

9. If your character worked a boring office job, what petty pranks would they use to amuse themselves or get back at irritating co-workers?

10. What is the most useless talent your character has? (example: being able to accurately guess the age of other people's pets)
1. In what way does your character consume, and deal with the end product of, a fortune cookie?
2. Why does your character treat fortune cookies that way?
3. What is your character's biggest superstition?
4. About what common practice is your character extremely dubious?
5. What is your character's most dramatic music playlist/arrangement?
6. What is your character's favorite piece of classical music, if any?
7. Your character comes across an old playlist called 'Bops to fight God to'. What is their reaction?
8. Upon finding a twitching egg in the mysterious forest near their place of residence, your character _________
9. Your character finds three PokéBalls! Quick, what do they do?!
10. What's the first thing your character does before bed?
1. Who had the strongest impact in shaping your character into who they are or might become and why?
2. If your character was exiled and could only bring one item with them aside from their clothes, what would it be and why?
3. What would be one food your character could not live without and why?
4. If your character had to lose one of their five senses, which would it be and why?
5. Who is one person in any other universe your character would they like to meet and why?
6. What is one task your character had to do in their childhood that they couldn't stand doing?
7. What is your character's favourite saying if they have one, or one they would like to use if they don't?
8. What mode of transportation would your character love to use, regardless of whether it exists in their world or not?
9. Would your character be able to give up all forms of technology that existed in their world and why or why not?
10. What style of hat would your character wear and why?

Mercury: How does your character hot weather and what kind of things do they do to cool down?
Venus: Is this character vain about their appearance, what kind of things do they do in their morning routine?
Earth: Does your character have a green-thumb or do they even kill houseplants?
Moon: Tell us about your characters closet friend or ally.
Mars: Does this character believe in conspiracy theories (and if so what in particular)?
Jupiter: Does this character have a large circle of friends, or do they prefer a few tight connections?
Saturn: How wealthy is this character, and how important is money to them in general?
Uranus: Does this character have a sense of humour, what kind of jokes does this character tell or enjoy?
Neptune: Is this character skilled at mathematics and science?
Pluto: Does this character like travelling? What is the furthest they've been from home?
1. If your character was cursed with bad luck, would it affect them or others? in what way? how badly?

2. If your character was injured, how would it happen? how many times? could they recover from this?

3. If your character had to steal, would they take their chances and do it, or not? (think about the reasons and circumstances, what item(s) would they take, their worth, how many times, would they ever be caught? how good would they be at stealing: are they a petty thief or an accomplished rogue? would their nerves or guilt betray them?)

4. After witnessing a crime, if your character was blackmailed into silence else face a significant loss (no job, no house, threats against them or their loved ones) would they speak the truth anyways? or accept the dubious deal and keep the lips pursed?

5. Your character desperately needs money, which person would they hate to have to work with but still end up doing so for money? who is their worst enemy? (for example if Superman had to work for Lex Luthor as their photographer or note taker)

6. Which dish or food does your character loathe? what would happen if their new friend/boss offered it to them during the meal? (would they eat it so as to be polite and not upset others? or would they be rude and push it away?)

7. Which is your character's greatest fear? what happens when they encounter it?

8. Which is your character's greatest dream? what do they want to become or achieve or overcome?

9. If your character cannot read and write, how would it affect them? how would they overcome this: would they make pictures? get help? would they ever admit to it?

10. If your character found an item of worth on the ground [like a pouch of money or a trinket or a piece of jewellery] which identifies its owner (would they take it for themselves? would they return it to its rightful owner? would they tell others all about it?)
1. Which is your character's worse flaw or problem? would they know about it? would they ever admit to it? would they try to fix it in any way?

2. If your character was extremely rich and important (for example a king or prince, a celebrity or billionaire), would they show it off and gloat about it? or keep it quiet and lay low / keep a low profile dressing and acting like everyone else? would they be generous or greedy? and on the contrary, if they were extremely poor, would they fake wealth for the sake of appearances? or not?

3. If your character was blessed with good luck, how would it affect them or others?

4. If your character was only able to tell the truth always, how troublesome would this be? towards friends (I don't like your...) and enemies (I know where XYZ is)

5. If your character was terrible at something, what would it be? (unable to sing, extremely poor chef, unable to sow a button or do shoe laces) how would this affect their interaction with others?

6. Which scenarios is your character likely to avoid due to their personality? (acrophobia - reaching the top level of tall buildings, claustrophobia - taking the sub way with its narrow tunnels, agoraphobia - visiting theatres or shopping centres, entomophobia - going to the park or camping)

7. If your character had to lose one of their closed ones for good due to them suffering an illness, moving to another country... who would they miss the most and why? (a teacher, a parent, a sibling, a best friend)

8. What is their favourite item of clothing? would you imagine them wasting all their money collecting said item of clothing to unusual amounts? what would they do if someone else found their secret treasure trove filled with this item of clothing?

9. Which game, table game (cards, chess, dice...) or hobby would they love the most? would they be good at it or terrible at it despite liking it? what if their archenemy was really good at it and challenged them? would they accept or be too embarrassed?

10. Which is the type of weather, time of the day and month of the year (or season) they love best or hate most? why?
1. If your character could visit anyplace in the world (earth or otherwise) where would they pick and why?

2. What is your characters main Trauma Response: Fight, Flight, Fawn or Freeze?

3. Of your characters dislikes, which has the most ridiculous or minuscule backstory- and what is it.

4. What does your character hate/dislike most about themselves- and would they confront it if given the opportunity or chance to change?

5. What genre of music would be your characters favorite? Least favorite?

6. If your character had a specific scent, like a perfume, what would it be? Would they hate or love it?

7. What is your characters aesthetic? Gothic, Cottagecore, etc.

8. What song perfectly encompasses your character or what they stand for? (aka theme song)

9. If your character had a nightmare, what would it be about? How would they handle it upon waking?

10. Given the opportunity to get one object not available in their era/timeline/world, what would they pick?
Sheesh, I'd be stunned if there wasn't at least some overlap with the thousands of prompts out there but here's ten I'd love to read/write:

1. What advice would your character give to someone new to their world?

2. How would someone make your character an offer they can't refuse?

3. What 'good' things irritate your character (or; what 'bad' things can they not help but like?)

4. How different does your character act from the way they really feel?

5. The Olympics creates an event just to award your character a gold medal. What is it?

6. What would your character do if they knew their friends were about to betray them?

7. What moment in your character's past had the biggest influence on who they became?

8. Would your character leave their biggest problem behind if it meant passing it on to someone else?

9. If your character's life was a story, what's the moral?

10. What would your character's social media handle be?
In the ridiculously early AM, I gathered my diet soda, a layered gelato, my phone, and some Epsom salt, and hunkered into a hot-then-cold-then-hot bath, and listened to my partner snore through the wall as I endeavored to bring you this list that I, personally, may very well apply to my own characters in the future. Enjoy my sleep-addled prompts! (And if there is any major overlap, I'm happy to dream up more - let me know!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1) If faced with a post-apocalyptic setting, what would be your character's top five priorities, traits, or abilities?
For example:
* Compassion for others VS. wreaking havoc?
* Stockpiling food and drink VS. making due with little?
* Engineering helpful inventions from junk VS. bartering all found items for most profit?
* Isolating as a lone wolf VS. seeking out a trustworthy group?

2) What political party or concept (from any era) does your character most identify with, and in what ways do they express those beliefs on a regular basis? IE - how do they put political beliefs into practice?

3) On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being complete silence and 10 being a mix of metal utensils in a blender on grind, how loud does your character snore?
(Has this affected relationships? Is it a medical concern? Is it a gypsy curse?)

4) To what degree does your character manage their finances?
For example:
Are they a staunch pennypincher with a guarded vault of gold and a personal bookkeeper?

5) What holiday(s) does your character most embody, and why? How might they decorate for said holiday, or do they even partake in festivities?

6) In what way has a traumatic event shaped who your character is at their present age?
(Have they ever tried to exact revenge or offer forgiveness?)

7) What creature from the vast list of known cryptids has your character come in contact with, wished they could find, held a vendetta for, or believed they should have been born as?

8) How many licks does it take for your character to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? For that matter, do they enjoy sweets or prefer the savory? Does this type of confection exist in their time period?
(And don't ask Mr. Owl; he bites.)

9) What are your character's favorite literary masterpieces? Name a few and give your character's opinions and insights regarding each in small summaries.

10) If your character were playing a tabletop/GURPS-based game, give a brief rundown of their character sheet, the type of group they might band together with, and what quests/rewards would most intrigue them?
1. Does your character prefer tea or coffee? Do they have a favorite type? And do they add anything, or do they drink it straight?

2. Did your character have any pets or 'pets' growing up that they weren't allowed to keep?

3. When your character is at home, where in their home do they spend the majority of their time?

4. What is the most unique thing that your character owns?

5. What does your character like to do that they feel that betters the world in their own way?

6.Does your character have any petty habits?

7. Is your character a shower or a bath person? Do they like to do anything special with their bathing time?

8. Are there any of your other characters that your character would like to ask a question of? What would they ask them if they could?

9. How does your character get around places? How would they prefer to get around if they could?

10. Sometimes people's inner voices sound differently than their real ones. What does your character's inner voice sound like?
1) Does your character like pasta or soup
2) does your character sleep walk
3) does your character fly or walk
4) does your character have long or short hair
5) does your character have a companion or not
6) does your character always jump into battle or not
7) does your character sing or not
8)does your character have mythical friends
9) does your charcter have enemies
10) does your character ever miss their family
1. What core value(s) of yourself do you wish to express or explore with this character?

2. What element of your own personality do you feel conflicted about yet comforted by?

3. What is your character's favorite article of clothing, and why is it significant?

4. What about your character's appearance can imply their story/hobby/occupation without verbal exposition?

5. What life-changing sacrifice have they had to make?

6. What is the best thing they would do for their arch enemy?

7. What is the worst thing they would do for their dearest friend?

8. What unique flaw(s) do you want to allow your character?

9. How might you make your character be relateable to other writers and create interesting growth for their characters?

10. What do you hope to find out about your creation that you yourself did not know?
My character questions of awesomeness!

1. What is your biggest dream in life?

2. If you could go back in time and change anything that has happened to you, then what is that one thing you would change?

3. What situation or person bothers you the most? Why?

4. If you don't do ______ before you die, then your life won't feel complete.

5. What do you do that makes you feel the most connected to the community?

6. How do you know that someone is a true friend?

7. Do you believe in fate / destiny?

8. Sword, Magic wand, Shield, or Pizza?

9. What would you write down in your diary to remind you of who you are should you have lost your memory?

10. What is the best way for someone to truly show that they love/care about you?
My character question!!!

1: what would the theme of your character be?

2: what is your character's backstory, is it sad or happy:

3: has your character ever been in a relationship?

4: does your character have any trauma?

5: what does your character love or hate?

6: what is your character's species?

7: should your character fall in love?

8: how do you yourself the creator interact with your characters?

9: do you want to have a friendly or rude character?

10: How does your character handle a stressful situation?
Claine wrote:

Mercury: How does your character hot weather and what kind of things do they do to cool down?
Venus: Is this character vain about their appearance, what kind of things do they do in their morning routine?
Earth: Does your character have a green-thumb or do they even kill houseplants?
Moon: Tell us about your characters closet friend or ally.
Mars: Does this character believe in conspiracy theories (and if so what in particular)?
Jupiter: Does this character have a large circle of friends, or do they prefer a few tight connections?
Saturn: How wealthy is this character, and how important is money to them in general?
Uranus: Does this character have a sense of humour, what kind of jokes does this character tell or enjoy?
Neptune: Is this character skilled at mathematics and science?
Pluto: Does this character like travelling? What is the furthest they've been from home?
Just wanted to say I love the unique theming on this one. It's a creative idea that never even occurred to me, so great job! :D
(And I also just want to say that there are lots of awesome submissions so far. Great job everyone!)
1 If your character was kidnapped what would happen?
2 When your character dies, who would they say would remember them, would you say the same?
3 If your character was brought to real life, what would be the first thing they do?
4 How could your character break? Emotionally? how about physically?
5 If your character were to find someone in need of help, would they be help?
6 What would happen if your character needed to commit a crime, what crime would they commit?
7 If your character were to met all of your other ones what would happen?
8 If they are an old character how would they react to older versions?
9 If they are a new character how would they react to the others?
10 How would your character react to the world around them? you town? your home?

hope this is fine!
A lot of what I like about character creation and RP in general has to do with how characters fit into the world they live in. To that end, here's 10 questions to help give your new OC some relevance to their setting.
    What is your character's profession, and how did they come to work in this field?
    Where does your character live, and how do they feel about their current living situation?
    Who is the most important living person in your character's life, and why are they important?
    Who is your character's most noteworthy adversary (be that a rival, enemy, or pursuer)? From what circumstances does that animosity arise?
    Where was your character born, and do they have any desire to return there? Why or why not?
    Where is your character's safe place/comfort place? What ties them to that location?
    Who does your character work for, employ, or work alongside? How have these relationships influenced your character?
    What are your character's long term goals? These are the kind that guide their actions no matter what RP scenario you put them in.
    Do ends justify means for your character? If so, how far are they willing to take it? If not, what experience or belief do they center their moral standing around?
    What does your character want to happen to their remains and possessions in the event of their death? Do they desire for someone specific to inherit? Do they have a specific resting place in mind?

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