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I don't have a fae character, but I'm open to any RPs.
hi, I have a question, I got a friendship request, I clicked on it and was about to read who it is then my phone rang and I had to leave my room for several hours and now that I am back I don't know who it was and there is no message of friendship request... so how I would be able to see who it was?
the best way to check is to go to your friendslist and see if there is a setting to filter your friends by newest to oldest
OK now I am on it
nothing I remember they had a mermaid profile picture and and there is no such a thing among my friends
then maybe you friended them but didn't friend them back
No I just left and didn't touch neither the keyboard nor the mouse
i don't know mate
Thanks for the tips, I appricaite your kindness
no prob
now I am searching through the character section and there is more than 2500 pages!! may be I will find them there
lol you gonna be there for a while man
Yes, because I don't want to seem rude, had I known that the alert would vanish I would have been more careful
usually they don't
so either you unknowingly accepted or they did something to not friend you i dont know could be a number of things to be honest
I have never had good luck
i don't think luck plays a factor in this idk
It does, had I not recived the phone call that moment I could have read about the character and could decide better...
oh do you mean character connection?
I clicked on the alert and wand saw the avatar and was about to click on the avatar to read about the profile that the phone rang

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