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FOBETEO 2021 Day 2: Generosity

Posted by Kim on December 4, 2021, 9:00am

A girl with deer horns, wearing mittens and a winter coat, offers a helping hand to a raccoon-boy in a winter coat.
Today's excellence theme to reflect on: Generosity.
Who in your life has demonstrated generosity this past year?
  • Maybe you've noticed one of your RP partners goes out of their way to make sure everyone else gets to spend time in the plot spotlight.
  • Maybe it's someone who is generous with their time, listening to their friends talk about their problems long into the night.
  • Perhaps their generosity takes the form of always offering the benefit of the doubt, and thinking the best of people even when they screw up.
  • Is there someone who has gone above and beyond in giving time, energy and creativity to your RP community? Perhaps they have expanded your group documentation, invented new species, created maps, etc.
If this excellence theme sparks something for you, go tell that person/people how they exemplified generosity for you this year!
fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png fobeteo-candle.png

During FOBETEO, every five kudos you write will earn you a special winter candle accolade to display proudly on your profile, available only during FOBETEO. Remember, to be eligible, a kudos needs to contain a clear "why" explaining what makes your friend so special! Don't just say "He's awesome!", tell the world what makes your friend so awesome. Click here for the complete kudos guidelines.

Giving kudos anonymously will count, but may cause your accolades to arrive on a random time delay.
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Feeling Financially Generous? ModestNeeds.Org Fundraiser

If you're feeling moved to charity this FOBETEO season, and in a position that you can afford it, check out

Modest Needs help to cover an important gap that other assistance programs often overlook, and give a helping hand to folks in the Canada and the US who have just experienced a setback that could see them losing everything.

If you email me ( a receipt proof of donation of $5 or more to, I'll send you a small gift on-site as a thank you - fireworks, glitterbombs, profile-decorating flora and fauna, even epicness might be in your randomly chosen gift box. :) Please remember to include your RPR username in the email!

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