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Last Day for the Lemonade Stand

Posted by Kim on September 5, 2023, 9:00am

A phoenix with shimmering white feathers. There is a sheen of almost metallic gold shimmering at the tips of its wings, tail, and on its crest.This is it, the final day of the lemonade stand fundraiser. All of the sales for collector's items, including the gorgeous hippocampi, are going away at midnight PST.

Remember that there are a bunch of new backer rewards available as well, including the special collector's edition GOLD SPOON at the $5 level, the new Golden Phoenix that CAN'T be obtained through cinnamon sticks at the $42 level, a Hippocampus t-shirt at the $150 level, and more!

Thank you so much for your humbling, dazzling support. I can't express enough gratitude. I hope that what I am able to create with it makes you all proud.

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September 5, 2023

Everyone helped by supporting and hyping imo even if you couldn't spend money <3 It's so much fun to see people get excited and show love to the community, and if you can buy something in the future you might be able to trade it to someone for an item/you'll be supporting the site that way too <3 I haven't been able to spend money on the site the past few years, but I feel good about my dedication to events and stuff and just existing here. I know it's hard to miss out on items though ^^'" Big internet hugs, you guys


September 5, 2023

*sticks hands in my pockets and pulls them inside out and only a few nickels and a couple dimes fall out*

I’m off to stand by the freeway exit panhandling with a cardboard sign with a sob story written on it about needing a spoon…


September 5, 2023

Kinda sad that I didn't get to hit the $100 milestone, but glad to have participated in the fundraiser.


September 5, 2023

so sad its the last day I wish I could of helped :(