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Lemonade Stand Ends, Operation Terra Incognita Begins

Posted by Kim on September 7, 2023, 2:10pm

A mason jar full of cool, refreshing lemonade.The Lemonade Stand fundraiser is over, and my Terra Incognita journey is beginning in earnest. Thanks to your support, our final count was $16,032. Incredible. This will give me more than the three months of time I was hoping for, where my primary focus can be on the RPR, and maps and avatars specifically.
My first goal is to finalize enough decisions about the avatar graphics that I can produce a styleguide. This will allow not only me, but any other artist with an interest, to start producing accessories for the starter avatars -- and a pretty good idea of how fully custom avatars can be produced, as well!
In the meanwhile, if you supported the project with $1.50 or more, you should have already received an inbox message inviting you to join the group Operation Terra Incognita. And hey, if you were unable to provide financial support this time around, feel free to join the group too! There will be plenty of discussion and updates you'll be able to participate in there as things heat up. If you were a backer and you join the group, I'll give you GM privileges, which will give you access to a special backers-only forum where you'll get sneak previews of things before everyone else.

If you supported at the $5 level or higher, you should have also received the exclusive Gold Spoon backer reward. Check your inventory to find it! You can use it to stir a cappuccino if you're a bit mad, but I'd strongly recommend keeping it and putting it on display instead! It's the first, and currently the only, item with an animated icon while on display. Just watch for a moment, and you'll see that the gold glints about every 5 seconds. So pretty!

A fierce bird that literally burns with confidence. It has snowy white feathers. There is a sheen of almost metallic gold shimmering at the tips of its wings, tail, and on its crest.And of course, if you supported at the $45 level, you will have also received the exclusive Golden Phoenix, for Lemonade Stand backers only -- no amount of cinnamon sticks will get you this beauty. Again, check your inventory for yours -- both the Gold Spoon and the Golden Phoenix have already been sent out. If you know you met the requisite spend but didn't receive yours, please contact me right away.

What About STICKERS?

As for shipped backer rewards, the first of those will likely go into the mail in early October, after I receive the Zebra Hippocampus stickers and the Cappuccino Sticker Sheets that were added as rewards late in the game.
Backers: please please be sure that you've filled out the Physical backer rewards form AND the digital rewards form ASAP. Or, if you don't want anything shipped to you, be sure to officially decline receiving things instead of just not entering an address, so I don't come and bother you about it later. Knowing everyone's preferences (and t-shirt size!) will help to avoid delays in getting things shipped for everyone.
Thanks again to everyone for their incredible support, whether it be emotional or financial. It was easy to see the love, care and passion in this community these past weeks. I look forward to showing gratitude with creations very soon!

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September 8, 2023


I cannot even begin to express how foxing excited I am!