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Friday RP Prompt

RP prompts may be complete plot ideas, a single situation, a character, a feeling, a challenge, or even a photo to use as inspiration. Start a new RP to play them out, or use them to add a twist to an existing RP. Modify them, take inspiration from them, or use them as is!

"Add a key to your next RP idea, or drop one into an existing RP. It can be a lost key card that belongs to someone, or a strange-looking golden key that suddenly appears in your inventory.

Keys lead to new areas and story ideas, so add one into your RPs and see what new places you can unlock!" - this prompt suggested by LightSide-Lucree
Do you have a suggestion for a RP prompt or plot bunny you'd like to see featured in the news? Send it to Kim -- if it's picked, you'll receive credit for the idea.

Community Feedback

  • Ricochett

    November 9th 2018


    So many ways to go with this. And it can fit just about any genre, already getting a few ideas!
  • Voldarian_Empire

    November 9th 2018


    Oh this gives me a thought, or rather the basis for an existing idea...I wonder where it will take me :D
  • Mercyinreach

    November 9th 2018


    A key card to a hotel room maybe
    *wiggles brow.*
  • TimTowtiddy

    November 9th 2018


    Very mysterious! Could be a key to a train/bus station locker, setting off a story of intrigue and adventure.

    Or it could be the key to the home of a lost relative, and you go on a journey into memories long-forgotten.

    ...Or a key to a new romance...

    ...Or the key to a briefcase containing money, or secret documents, or....

    I like this one. :)

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