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Sneak Peak at New Features #1

As I've been busily rebuilding every part of the site from scratch, I've also been making some changes and improvements on what we currently have. Here is a tiny sampling of what Operation Audacious Phoenix has already improved!

First off: filters for IC forum topics! See all posts, only OOC, or only IC posts just by switching tabs.


I already hear you saying: CAN THIS BE USED IN PRIVATE MESSAGES?

It sure can! :D You can mark any inbox conversation as IC with this new setting:


Speaking of inbox conversations, you can now re-label your inbox conversations at will. These are your own, personal titles, so you can label your conversations however is convenient for you without worrying about confusing other people in the conversation.


Sometimes it's the little things in life. ;)

Here's another little thing that may make your life easier: Details on dice rolls


Stay tuned - tomorrow we'll be looking at all the improvements that have already been made to the Looking For RP process! :D

Like these improvements and want to see more? Please support the Operation Audacious Phoenix Bake Sale.

Community Feedback

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  • MangoNekros

    August 11th 2019


    These are cool! Maybe you can add a way to organize characters in folders of some sort?
  • Ricochett

    August 11th 2019


    Sooo looking forward to this now 😍😍😍 can't waittt
  • Mintelle

    August 11th 2019


    Le squee, oh my gee, freak out!

    I'm so looking forward to all these new features! My inbox will be so much more organised with being able to have IC and OOC options in the same message!
  • StaticNightmares

    August 11th 2019


  • Xenoworlds_BEYOND

    August 10th 2019


    Holy puu, that is EPIC!!!
  • icyrosyseal

    August 10th 2019


    HOLY *seal noises*
  • Somnom

    August 10th 2019


    This looks so great and so coooooool!! I love it! Anything to make organizing better and easier is super fun! Thanks for the sneak peak!
  • Michonne

    August 10th 2019


    This. Is. Amazing. OMG
  • tisonlychaos

    August 10th 2019


  • Kruhee

    August 10th 2019


    OMG!! KIM THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME!!! Thank you for everything you're doing, the whole community here on RPR appreciates you! <3
  • Kim

    August 10th 2019


    Wow, thank you so much for the amazing support, everyone! <3
  • Demilicious

    August 10th 2019


    I am so excited for this! Keep rocking our socks, Kim! Holy wow! <3 <3
  • Avitrathephoenix

    August 10th 2019


    All of these are tiny details that I'd always thought would be awesome to have, and I bet everyone else, including you, did too. Thank you so much Kim! <3 You rock!
  • EnkeliAgon

    August 10th 2019


    My skin just started crawling with excitement!

    Great job, Kim! <3

    Keep up the good work! We've all got your back!
  • Juls

    August 10th 2019


    Whooohooo! :) I love all of these.

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