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Bake Sale Goal #1: Shattered

4 days into the bake sale, and we blew past our $5k goal!!!!


The final contribution that pushed us over the top
Was a phoenix
That someone bought

I am having trouble thinking of anything more wholesome. <3 <3 <3


So, here's the plan from here:

Our second goal will be $10,000.

The 10k goal will allow me to take all 100 days off of work to focus solely on the RPR Rebuild, and takes that audacious goal from the realm of "maybe possible" to complete the project in that accelerated timeframe to "might even be likely."

I was honestly a little afraid and embarrassed to set such a high goal, but this community has shown how supportive and loving it really is. And I thought I was motivated to work my butt off before!


Sneak previews are on their way in the next few days, and I'll be hosting office hours on the 16th and 17th to chat with you all about the rebuild in real time.

I'm also looking into getting some new backer rewards for you amazing heroes -- I honestly was not expecting to need to find more rewards so fast! RPR laptop stickers? Gold plated swords? New templates? WE'LL SEE! ;)

Community Feedback

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  • Akali_Fang

    September 5th 2019


    well iam very excited and also broke but if there is anyway i can help in this endeavor please let me know and woot!!
  • Tusitala2017

    August 10th 2019


    I so badly new the new features!
    I can't wait to see it finished

    Thanks for the bacon... it was crispy enough to help myself to a few
  • Madam

    August 9th 2019


    Happy to support this endeavour!! I can’t wait to see how things turn out <3
  • Degu

    August 9th 2019


    Amazing job everyone! I've been following the goal progress super closely and I can't believe how quickly we achieved the 5k goal. You guys are amazing!
  • MangoNekros

    August 9th 2019


    I would help, but I'm broke, so heres my love and affection, it might buy you a taco.
    <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Lune

    August 9th 2019


    Congratulations! I hope we can break 10k!
  • StaticNightmares

    August 9th 2019


    :o RPR can do thissssssssss
  • Ashley

    August 9th 2019


    Oh wow, that's fantastic! c: I'm so happy for you! (And the site, too).
  • JustaBitEvil

    August 9th 2019


    Go RPR! I plan on buying a sundae and some more goodies as soon as I get paid again on the 16th! So great to be able to give back to a website that has provided me with countless hours of entertainment.
  • Autumn_Vale

    August 8th 2019


    Honestly its just a testament to how much of a fantastic support network roleplayers can be and how much we all value what Kim has done here for us, giving us a safe enviroment to roleplay together on a format made just for that. I am so excited to see the new changes but more excited to be able to proudly display that i an part of this community.
  • Lucretire

    August 8th 2019


    *pops open a masaive bottle of sparkling grape juice for everyone* Congratulations, Kim! I'm so excited and amazed that we reached our goal in 4 days! RPR is incredible, and I'm so glad to be a part of this amazing community!

    Lucky for me, next week starts my weekly blowout of tossing all of my allowance to RPR until the sale is over! We'll reach that 10k goal, I just know it! <3
  • Zelphyr

    August 8th 2019


  • pockets

    August 8th 2019


    Did I hear.... new templates?

    Of course you're getting backers! You made rpr our home. I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing things you're going to get done <3 and thank you so much for doing it for us!
  • Tasha

    August 8th 2019


    Good job, everyone!
  • Selkieborn

    August 8th 2019


    Ahhhh so excited for how this is going! Never seen an online community like this one. You all are amazing and Kim- YOU are legendary!

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