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Deciding to do the impossible

Oooooooo you've all convinced me that now is the time.

Some of the code that RPR runs on is now nine years old, and was written by Baby Programmer Kim who Didn't Know Any Better. Much of it is written in an old version of PHP, pieces of which will soon be "deprecated" (be shut off in favor of newer things.)

I've known for some years that eventually, eventually, I'd have to find some way to rebuild as much of that code base as possible, to restructure, to modernize, to breathe new life into it -- either because of "code rot" or because the things we needed were just too grand and exciting for the old foundation to support. I've done what I could here and there. But the real plunge? I've been so scared of doing it. Fam, this site is HUGE, it is bursting with features. Rewriting the bulk of it makes me quake in my boots.

I did this last year with another (much, much, MUCH smaller) site of mine, and the difference has been incredible. Features that would take months to build on the RPR are sometimes turned out in weeks or days over there now that the transition is done. Managing speed and scaling issues has gotten so much better, too. And yet doing that took me a couple of very devoted months, and the RPR is soooo much bigger, I had resigned myself that such sweeping improvements for the RPR would not be possible.

But the things you want most, the bugs that still linger, the ideas that I have that I barely dare dream of... It's time. We need it. The RPR needs to be rebuilt on a more modern codebase. We could have cross-platform notifications, better chat, soooo muchhhhh deeeeeeper customization and easier management for characters and groups alike, even APIs -- and Epic Week games beyond my wildest imaginations.

I'm not totally sure how we'll manage this transition yet. Maybe I'll try to run a Kickstarter to fund me taking time off work to hammer it out for a few months? REALLY not sure. Full of excitement and nervous energy.

Last year was, for me, kind of personally awful and full of soul searching and was much thinner on RPR updates than I had hoped. I hate to start this year by saying that I might now deliberately pause updates to the existing site in order to create an RPR 2.0, but... I think it has to happen sometime if the site is to continue to thrive, and I think the sooner it happens the better.

I also think the stuff we'll be able to build afterward will be rip-roaring AWESOME.

I don't have an exact timeline yet, or a clear plan of how I'll find the focused time in my schedule. But I wanted to let you know that I'm listening really closely to your wish lists, and that your wish lists have lit a fire under me to do big, bold, audacious things to try and make as many of those wishes as I can come true. I'll keep updating you as I figure out more!

Community Feedback

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  • FlamingPsycho

    February 26th 2019


    This is really late, but maybe an option to turn off the dice roll feature for roleplays and stuff that don't need dice rolls?
  • Faerniir

    January 22nd 2019


    Stuff happens. The old and the new will some day, replace one another. That is evolution after all.
  • SexySultryAngelBabe

    January 19th 2019


    Whatever you do this whole community is behind you.
  • KingHades

    January 8th 2019


    Not sure if its already a thing, but maybe somewhere to privately keep notes/rough drafts of things? I do a lot of replying from my tablet, which means I really don't have any way of saving rough drafts anywhere to keep to the side while I do other things like I would on a laptop, so having a notepad/journal that's completely hidden from other users where I could save replies to finish up later would be neat! Again, I'm not sure if there's something already like that here (I've done some looking around, but could've looked over it!). Just an idea!

    Also, I have complete faith in you Kim! That's a huge step, but you have the community's full support, I'm sure <3
  • CompanyPanda

    January 6th 2019


    I would love to see "Acquaintances" Be put above "Friends" in the connections widget of profiles.
  • 8_Stars_8

    January 6th 2019


  • Abigail_Austin

    January 6th 2019


    Yeah, I've got to admit, the idea makes me nervous too. Because it's already so good, with that mysterious magic. Change is scary! But follow your instincts!
  • Beldesia

    January 5th 2019


    You can do it!! Any help or support needed we will all gladly offer^^
  • Bunny

    January 4th 2019


    I'd definitely back a kickstarter for this. Do whatever you need to do, and take as much time as you need, Kim!
  • Stillpreoccupied

    January 4th 2019


    It's scary, but we have faith in you. Thanks for everything you do, Kim.
  • Kim

    January 3rd 2019


    You will keep everything. It will just be that it all works better :)
  • Ember_Wolf

    January 3rd 2019


    Woof! I have to admit I'd like to see a new verson of the site! Though I do have some concerns.

    Will we move to another or will this one just be updated? And will we keep our DM's and profiles?
  • Ashley

    January 3rd 2019


    Very exciting! A kickstarter sounds like a great idea. I can't imagine how much work has already gone into this site.
  • Dragonfire

    January 3rd 2019


    That's one heck of a resolution, hahah, and I'll be all eyes to see what comes of it. You can do it!
  • TheOutsider

    January 3rd 2019


    I believe in youuuuu!!!

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