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Backer Rewards

We've added two backer rewards! At the very top end, and the very low end. I want to reward you for helping the RPR, even if you can't give much. :)

The first new backer reward is laptop stickers!


Of course, you can put these anywhere and on anything, but at 2.43" x 3" they are the perfect size to go on a laptop. They are made of relatively thick, durable vinyl, so they resist scratches, water and sunlight better than normal stickers.


These sticker rewards kick in at just $5 + shipping.

The second new reward at the top of the spectrum is a hand-written thank you letter from me (Kim) :) Those start at $100 + shipping.

And of course, these are in addition to our already existing rewards! Here's a preview of the in-progress mission patch design:


We've got pen sets!


And of course there are mouse pads and totebags. Here's what will be on one side of your totebag:


What will be on the front? An Audacious Phoenix, of course! The design for these is currently being worked on by Heimdall. I can't wait to be able to give you a sneak preview of the beautiful bird Heimdall is painting for us! :D

If you're not sure how to tell if you've unlocked any backer rewards yet, here's the trick. Go the Bake Sale page, and then scroll down a tiny bit to see the "Backer Rewards" section.


If you see a bunch of question marks here, it's because we don't yet know what your shipping charges will be (the backer rewards incorporate shipping costs.) Click on any of the ??'s, or the enter your shipping address to determine your shipping costs link in order to enter that info. Once we know where we're sending your goodies, we can show you how many you've earned. :D

Like these goodies and want to snag them for yourself? Please support the Operation Audacious Phoenix Bake Sale.

Community Feedback

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  • Kim

    August 19th 2019


    Laptop sleeves are a bit challenging in that they are not exactly one size fits all, but other types of bags other than the totes are possible. :)
  • Izumikora

    August 18th 2019


    Could I recommend a Laptop Sleeve as a potential reward in the future?

    Would be fabulous for those of us who take laptops about for work or education!

    That and shoulder bags to store notebooks, a laptop and other papers 😂
  • Laineie

    August 16th 2019


    Additionally, could we volunteer to not receive some of our rewards?
  • Kim

    August 14th 2019


    @Unicorn The bake sale lasts another 36 days, so you have time! :D
  • Unicorn

    August 14th 2019


    I really want the tote bag but I don't get paid for another week T.T
  • Kim

    August 14th 2019


    @Vinters - Yes. Enter your shipping address and you'll be shown what it will be for you. :)
  • Vinters

    August 14th 2019


    Will shipping fees outside of the US be included? I live in the UK and would love to know what the shipping fees will be.
  • Michonne

    August 14th 2019


  • Kim

    August 14th 2019


    @Laineie - Interestingly, 2.0 actually already has most of the underpinnings we need to handle orders with actual shipping and products associated with them, and those laptop stickers have been ordered in mega-bulk in anticipation of people wanting them in future, so... probably yes, at some point in the future they will become available for buying handfuls of them. :)
  • Sanne

    August 14th 2019


    Me standing in front of the glass display of all the baked goods and the backer rewards:
  • KatayokuNoTenshiVII

    August 14th 2019


    Thank you, Kim! I can't wait to receive all my goodies in the mail!
  • Laineie

    August 14th 2019


    Will there ever be an RPR online store for these branded rewards? Specifically for buying as many of those laptop stickers as possible?
  • Zelphyr

    August 14th 2019


    I was wondering if I'd get around to using the bag, and then I realized the one I have right now is falling apart. XD So yes, I'll have a use for that RPR tote bag!
  • Somnom

    August 14th 2019


    Oooo, neat stuff!
  • Mercyinreach

    August 14th 2019



    You outdo yourself, all of you, everyone, all of us. I'm gonna cry. 😭 I love everyone here. I love you. 💕💕

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