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I’m curious how people relate and talk to strangers and people they meet casually.

Do you find it easy to talk to people? Do you like having a quick and interesting chat with others you’ll never see again? Is talking about the weather painful? How do you feel when someone you don't know strikes up a conversation at the store or at a get together / social event / somewhere public?

I’m super outgoing and love talking to people, people generally enjoy talking to me. Like I can go into a party full of strangers and have no problem striking up conversation with anyone or everyone. I love inviting people to run errands or go shopping with me. And I love doing public speaking lmao. But for some this is their worst nightmare.

Do you find you are more open in certain situations with strangers? Like do you worry about certain things when someone starts talking to you or do you find it intrusive and annoying?

I don’t think it has anything to do with being introverted / extroverted dbecause I think there are too many variables to really make a judgement call on those labels. I still find a lot of people exhausting. Do you find you are more reserved or do you love getting to know people? If you have been venturing out to social events, do you find it easier to talk to people?
Hmm... this is interesting. Well, I like conversation with new people and hearing new things. And when someone I don’t know suddenly come and strikes up a conversation... I think I would feel really happy, although I don’t talk as much as other people and naturally reserved.
I don't mind going out, but I'm not very outgoing. I'm not much of a conversationalist with folks I don't really know.
My ex-wife was a social butterfly. I was the social moth. People would get attracted to her and I'd get attracted to those UV lights only to get zapped.

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