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Played mmorpg for a long time especially Ragnarok Online, my current favorite rp settings are fantasy/adventure either a medieval theme or a futuristic one.

My schedule is fairly open except tuesdays & wednesdays

Some points that I would like you to know before we agree to Rp:

Don't kill my characters without my consent, let me know that they are in a situation so I can properly RP even if that concludes in my character death but don't expect me to give in easily.

I'm kind of unskilled at rp so please be patient

English isn't my main language so don't go grammar nazi

I'm fine with "advances" on my characters but try not to overuse it (open for NSFW material but ask for details)

I have no preference on the amount of text you write on RP so long as it keeps the story rolling.

I don't mind the race of your character, except if they are vampires

Don't leave me hanging in the middle of an rp, please send me a message that you don't want to rp anymore so I can stop expecting replies.

Mm that's actually all I can think right now XD

Rave Reviews

This man's post makes me scream (in a good way). His each post feels fresh and entertaining. His great sense of humor makes both roleplaying and OOC chatter a real delight. His character are interesting and he keeps roleplaying going forward. If you want to have a blast certainly check out this guy. 10/10 would recommend. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Queen_Knight
89 has a very unique style of writing that closely resembles anime in structure. Their scenes are vivid, their characters are expressive, and their scenes are a careful blend of danger and comedy. They are skilled in handling large amount of characters at once, including npcs. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Miss

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