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First off; please no drama! I'm here to have fun, meet new creative people and of course to roleplay.
I'm a very whisper friendly person, and encourage others to whisper me or note me on here so please, don't be shy! I won't bite :P
Even when I am offline on Furcadia I usually check my rpr still. So you can leave me a message or send a request for ideas, questions or rp.

I will roleplay on RPR, Furcadia and Discord.

Rave Reviews

Pip is a incredibly dedicated roleplayer. The mere fact she sat for half a day in pain with her lower back to roleplay with me and my friends shows tenacity that most don't have. I met her through Har and I have little to no regrets do far! She's kept communication up with me and understood what I'm looking for from the get go. Thank you Pip! Fast responses Long-term partner - Michonne
A creatively beautiful person. Between her characters and her over all personality she's just a gem to interact with. I love the fact that she plays such a beautiful concept for the Suesai. She is always cheerful and friendly and a welcomed addition to this little online family. - Nekomanics

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