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Kudos for hexblading

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • We haven't been writing long, but I really admire how beautiful their writing is. Each of their character profiles is a treasure trove of information. They are all clearly well-loved and have had a lot of time put into them. I truly look forward to seeing even more of their stories. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Murkysoulwaters

  • A'sallit (played by hexblading)
    A mighty, ruthless and absolutely kick-ass pirate who is at the same time suave and has an erudite, inquisitive soul? The moment I read Sallit's profile I was absolutely charmed by this great character of Hex's. He's a father, a lover, a killer, a medic, a criminal, a man of honor - and much more besides, and posts with him are always an absolute joy to read! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - cri86titanium

  • What happens when you mix great writing, thoroughly in-depth character creation, and amazing art? You get a RPer like Hex, of course! Their characters profiles are a pure joy to read, each unique and multifaceted. Whether in detailed and insightful posts or light-hearted forum games, interacting with them is always great! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - cri86titanium

  • Even though we haven't gotten to RP together yet (which is prolly a precaution taken by fate 'cause we'd simply be too powerful), I only got nice 'n fond feelings with this awesome creator! Hex is a madly talented artist, character-builder and writer, and all the times that we've interacted, be it in hilarious meme speak, tea exchange or Greenroom shenanigans have been simply stellar. Cheers, buddy, you go!! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - GarnaalProductions

  • We're yet to move past the initial stage of hashing out any plots, but I'd recommend them for any type of interaction. They'll win you over with compelling characters, stunning art, good vibes, and if all else fails they'll hit you with cute cat pics. Thank you for being you, good friend, 10/10 fat cats Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Banshee

  • I haven't had the chance to RP yet with Hexblading, but from reading their pieces around the site, I'm extremely impressed! Their characters always catch my eye, and I'm guilty of reading through their character bios and very much enjoying every word, since all of their characters are so interesting and developed. More than that, they have such a sense of community and have never failed to make me smile - definitely someone that embodies the kindness and spirit of RPR! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - _Skylark_

  • Where to start? Hex is a fantastic artist even when doing a simple sketch. As a person, Hex is there for a word of advice and wisdom. As a Role-Player, the writing is beautiful regardless if they are currently sick or completely healthy. Hex also has a lovely personality that comes across as happy and bubbly. Stay awesome, Hex! ^_^ Helpful Wonderful writer - -Knight-

  • I have known hexblading since the days of peak tumblr RP scenes-- They are not just /like/ family to me, they /are/ family to me.

    All the worlds, stories, and characters we have weaved together make a wonderful tapestry. Thank you for a decade of writing, of friendship, of family, and good times and bad. Here's to another decade, my friend! Creative ideas Long-term partner - scarffles

  • Camaraderie doesn't happen by accident. Though our interests span all over the spectrum, our paths still somehow consistently cross. hexblading is an amazingly epic wordsmith, weaving stories with thought, depth, and a carpenter's expertise in building a world of infinite possibilities. It is a pleasure to be able to sit behind the windowpane of their work and explore the wonders of their eclectic characters. I look forward to more opportunities for our writing worlds to coalesce! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Atheist

  • I adore hexblading's characters and I adore them just as much! They're very kind to me, even when I've struggled with anxiety. They've reached out to me when they noticed we both play Final Fantasy XIV, which is nice to see! Even nicer to have such a great player behind these really creative characters!

    They make me feel welcome; I don't feel like I have to be perfect around them. I can just be myself and post dumb roleplaying memes; the best part! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Samiakki

  • while i have not roleplayed with hex yet, they have shown me such warmth and kindness. while i've been sick, hex has checked in on me to make sure i was okay, popping in like a lovely little explosion of flowers to honestly brighten my day.

    that is primary evidence of them being a good human bean right there. i bring charges against them of pleasantness and good friendliness and advocate that they be charged immediately with uncrimes of wonderfulness. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - fig

  • We have not RPed long but I have been intrigued by their creativity, patience, and kind nature. Well thought out with their characters, I'm excited to see what's in store for the future with their skills! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - KingTai

  • Hex is a blessing. They radiate this brilliant creative energy, which reflects in both their art and writing. They're also easy to talk to, being both hilarious and caring. She makes her RP partners laugh, checks in on them, genuinely cares about the ideas and feelings of others. You know when you're playing a good RPG and you see a character you could potentially befriend then add to your party? And you're like, dang, that character is amazing, I must have it? That is all of their OCs. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Libertine

  • Hexblading is an excellent roleplayer. They have a very clear way of writing and add some amazing and amusing scenes, especially between Rosaline and Connor.
    Writing with them is very enjoyable. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - DeathandtheMaiden

  • Hexblading is a very proficient writer, who brings their characters alive with humorous banter making them even more interesting to read. The responses are very well written, and I love all their character interactions with each other, they are an imaginative writer and I hope to read more. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - WinterBlackDraoi

  • I don't think I've ever played with hexblading, but I've picked through their characters a bit and they are outstanding! Some profiles almost seem a bit paradoxical in how they can tease such depth of character and intrigue, yet also bring in some humor that did indeed make me laugh at my computer screen (while still also adding to the overall sense of the characters as actual people). It seems woven together very well, though, not at all jarring. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Zelphyr

  • If kindness incarnate was a thing, it would be Hexblading! This person is a pure delight, whether you see them on the forum games or hit 'em up for a chat in DMs. I see a long, happy roleplaying career in their future! <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - CrystalDisc

  • Though we have not yet RPed together, I thoroughly enjoying reading Hexblading role-play in The Glass Green group. The interactions between the two Stanfeld siblings are always extremely well written, entertaining and highly amusing. Hexblading is a very talented writer and also a lovely person to communicate with OOC. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn