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milktea_dollie » Characters

Aki Rurikawa

Female A high-school girl with bad luck

Alice Ojiro

Male Your friendly neighborhood magician and pathological liar.


Gender Nonconforming An ancient Tsukumo-gami with a love for ice cream


Male "I don't remember... And I'm not sure I want to."

Coral Aqua-Petal Amaranthine

Female A jellyfish girl wishing to see the world.

Edin, Zion, and Ursalie

Two older brothers and their younger sister.

Hiko and Hime Aiuchi

A sugary-sweet and naive high-schooler and his protective older sister.

July and June

A pair of twins that seem total opposites.

Keir and Neon

Male An intimidating but sweethearted Oni and his bitter Satori roommate.


Female A kleptomaniac kitsune with a lot of tricks up her sleeve.


Demiboy An imaginary friend... Or is he imaginary?

Magnolia Arachne

Female A spider woman with an appetite for wealth and people.

Milan Halifax

Male An aloof student who isn't all he seems.

Monika and Jinx

Female A nekomimi and her friend... and freeloader.

Nori Chiaki

Female An idealistic high-schooler, going through life with rose-tinted glasses.

Oliver Seraphá

Male A lonely artist.

Osamu Yamana

Male A cold, well-mannered, and organized young man with his world ideals set in stone.

Prism Nyquist

Male "...I'd love to be princely like those guys in the mangas."

Saffron Blair

Male A childish young man with a love for shiny trinkets.

Sekai Asahina

Female The laziest magical girl you've ever seen.

Tori Rin

Male A high-school creator with a sharp tongue and a big attitude.


Male A powerful wind spirit who spends his days exploring.

Wataruki Abiko

Female An eccentric engineering enthusiast.

Winter Jian

Male An intelligent student with a spicy attitude.

Xanh and Mai

Female Two separated sisters; an overworked exorcistic sorceress and her unintentional enemy

Zerachiel Agnes

Male A shy, moody swan.