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Humankind has evolved after the discovery of powerful gems. Each one grants the user powers, though not all are equal. Each gem has a rarity, which grants the users a certain number of abilities, and the gems choose the users, so you get what you get. This has caused a hierarchy to form in the country, where people with lesser powers are seen as inferior.

Yinying, fed up with this hierarchy, created the shadow gem: A gem designed to be powerful as soon as obtained. He then rallied a group of low class citizens to attack their oppressors. Desperate to keep the situation under control, the cities came together to see if shadow gems could be officially implemented into daily life.

However, two problems were quickly found. for one, any time someone with a shadow gem defeated a regular gem user in combat, the regular gem user's gem would be consumed by the shadow gem, rendering them powerless. Even without being consumed, users found that being too close to shadow gems for prolonged periods would cause their gem to become unstable. Another was the environmental damage caused by just activating the gem. For unknown reasons, the use of shadow gems steals energy from the core of the world, which happens to be a giant gem itself. Overuse would cause a collapse of the world.

This, however, did not stop many people from using the shadow gems. Eventually, a war broke out over the use of gems. In the end, Yinying and the shadow gems were sealed away to protect the world. This was meant to be the end... but recently, shadow gems have been appearing again. A couple teams have started to form with the goal of stopping them twice and for all.

And that's where the roleplay starts. The only real rule relates to the rarity of the gems. They're ranked 1 - 5 stars, similar to a gacha game, and the number of stars your gem is worth is how many powers you have. Besides that, you're free to do anything. You can have just about any power. This roleplay is meant to be free for about any age group to join.

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Yea, this is public. Also, did you copy my name?
Yo, gen, you gonna work on this? It might be just us in till people see that there is stuff to rp with here.

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