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Forums » Smalltalk » [Done] Epic Week needs a 15-year-old!

Edit: Task has been done, but anyone is still welcome to poke around. ^_^ It's a sitewide event, after all!

There's no way to say things like that without it sounding at least a little creepy, is there?

Getting to the point! For Epic Week, part of the community task is to figure out a bunch of puzzles. To figure those puzzles out, we need to unlock clues for them. Unlocking clues is really easy, too! A person who matches a specific criteria simply needs to visit the page those clues get listed on. We have all clues unlocked except for two clues for one puzzle, and they have to be unlocked in order.

Right now, the thing in the way is that the criteria to unlock the current clue is to be 15 years old and have that publicly displayed (don't want to out someone's age if they have it hidden, after all!). So: if you are 15 and have that displayed openly on your profile, even if you don't want to otherwise get involved, could you visit this page? I'm openly showing the link so hopefully it'll be clear this isn't just a scam. ^^;

Just one person who fits that criteria, and the clue will unlock! From there, you're absolutely welcome to join in on the rest of the event (even though this is already a day over). That goes for anyone! It's fine if it seems overwhelming; people are happy to answer questions and help out, and we all have to learn some new thing every year, so we all spend some time looking like confused idiots. XD
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I have been asked to post to confirm that this link is in fact legit, and, uh, confirmed XD

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