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Dysphasia is the partial loss of language. mine is minor. It started for me two years ago and it was never figured out why. Sometimes I can go days with no issues other times...not so much.

Sometimes when I talk or write the wrong words come out. Sometimes when I read back over the what I have written I catch it but other times my brain autocorrects the word and I don't notice the errors. It's easy to correct myself when speaking. But once written sometimes I just miss it and then I go back later and notice it all. It's upsetting honestly.

My biggest worry is when I send post. I worry about errors. I worry about confusing people. I worry about them getting upset (I'm aware some hate incorrect grammar).

And it's not that it happens frequently. It just happens enough to frustrate me. Sometimes I don't want to talk. Sometimes I want to delay a post because I'm worried it won't make sense.

About two months ago I considered just dropping rping altogether over it because I had a few times where after going back the words I thought I wrote were not there and I had to correct so much. I honestly thought it was getting worse but learned it was stress that caused it to affect me more.

But ultimately I love writing in general. I write books and create worlds. And I have rp'd for years, it's fun and I love it. I realized there was no reason I needed to cut back or stop all together. It was just me stuck in my head.

Does anyone else have things like this or other issues that affect your writing and how do you work with it?

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