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Lilith (played anonymously)

I had a new plot idea that I’m dying to try. Sorry in advance this is poorly written up cause I’m sleepy. I’d play the villain and it would be a BxG pairing.

What would happen if the villain was just an abused and abandoned experiment gone wrong. By a government trying to recreated their own super soldier? What if the hero knew this and couldn’t defeated her because he knew she didn’t understand. Her need for revenge, her hate for the hero that never saved her, the pain in her body and head... her fear of people especially men. And what if one day he found her somewhere unconscious, covered in blood and bruises and not even the fainted memory of the last 24 years of her life. And he takes this chance to help her, he takes her home and from the beginning tries to teach her right and wrong. Show her the care and love she never got so she has no reason to hate people. All the while hoping if she regains her memory all of this will overide her pain. Sure her memories are gone but the scars and feeling are all still there. Him having find a way to explain to her why she’s covered in scars. Then as she discovers she has powers he has to teach her how to safely use them to save people. But what if she starts to find stuff proving he knew her before but won’t tell her who she is, will she be mad? Will it break her? Will the lessons have worked enough that she feels terrible for what she did? And what if she regains her memories what will happen? What will he chose to do in any/all of these instances. Will he be able to save her this time? And keep her hidden from the people who created her?

Hehe please Dm me if your interested I’m also open to you plotting out your own stuff adding drama and so forth.

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I'd love to join this rp
I do have a character I'd love to use for this rp
I'd love to join this if it's still open.
Lilith (played anonymously) Topic Starter

RoseTintedDoodles wrote:
I'd love to join this if it's still open.
. That would be awesome although unfortunately for you I can’t do a 1x1 romance rp as i see your 14 in your bio. Very sorry but I hope you understand.

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