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Katie Angel (played by KatieKat96)

(( This was reposted so the RP can start, if anyone wishes to join in, feel free to, just please make your entrance relevant to the current situation!)

They always loved talking about what the island was like. They wouldn't hesitate to bring up their favorite vacation spots, places to eat, and so on, so forth. But no one seemed to know just what exactly was on the other side of the planet. To outsiders, like you reading this right now, not many, if at all, will know what's out there. Though, to islandgoers, they knew exactly why no one talked about the Wastedlands.

It was a world full of sand. Elevations outside the coastlines never reached sea level, no one knew what rests under that big desert. Not to mention the sandstorms. It was as if those who were blind could have an easier time getting through, no one could see a thing. So dusty, so harsh, it's not surprising as to why no one lives there.

Except for one. Rumours suggest that one young girl somehow manages to live in such an unforgiving landscape. But alas, all those who entered the Wastedlands have never seen the light of day again. However, Y/C was determined to prove this idea wrong. Y/C would stop at nothing to go in and find this mysterious fellow who lives in a world of sand.

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