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Hey there! I've been doing some digital art for a while, and I really enjoy doing character art! So I've decided to do a sale on my character art!

How does it work? Well starting from now until October, if you have never commissioned me to do art before, you get the new client price! Typical starting prices are at $30 a head shot, with just the line-art, but as a new client, you only have to pay $10! And the deals go up from there!

Further more, there is a Happy Customer Referral Promotion! If you commissioned me before and love my work! Go and refer your friends! tell your friends to tell me that you referred me to them! That way, the next time you commission me, you get Twenty dollars off your next art commission!


Like what you see but not interested in commission? Then just check out this Link Tree
Kahmical Topic Starter

A Happy Customer!

Thanks you for the opportunity Amicitia!


I have five open slots!
Kahmical Topic Starter

Do I do two characters? Why yes, yes I do!

Haitham and another character whose name I failed to retrieve

Imma commission you k? ^_^ <3
Kahmical Topic Starter

Wonderful! I'll add you to my list!
    1. Vlos
    2. Elemental-Guardian
Kahmical Topic Starter

Both complete!

Malikai for Vlos


Valen and Myrrh for Raynora




Start of Summer New Client Sale

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