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So, I'm looking to get back into the groove here, it's been a long, long time. So long that I've lost track. Life got in the way a few times, among other things, but I'm ready to try to find a group or rp partners. However, I'm a bit out of the loop on things, and I'm not sure where to start or even how active it is here. Anyone got any pointers or anything of the sort?

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Welcome back!

See the 'Find RP' button in the topmost menu? I find that to be a good way of looking at role-plays that I might not otherwise notice. It gives me a 'snapshot' of what RPR is offering at any one time, taking my search preferences and age settings into account.

If you click it, you'll also find the 'Post RP Ad' in the top right corner. This means you get to post an ad yourself, and there are even handy sliders and tick-boxes to help tailor your advert further in terms of what technology level it'll be, how much romance (if any), etc.

I sometimes also find browsing the Characters page by 'Recently Edited' can sometimes cause me to come across interesting characters that spark something.

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