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I am working on spicing up my character profiles, however I am having trouble getting my images to align with text. Are there certain templates that don't allow for image alignment or is the issue that I am attempting to use gifs? Any help would be amazing as I just can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. I've had no problem doing it in the past.

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Could you be a little more clear what you mean? My first guess is having text and images vertically aligned on at least one side, but I could also see someone using that phrasing when they want the text to flow in around the image, too, or other things. ^^;

Going with my guess, you could be running into an issue with things having different margins, padding, and so on. That would indeed be something caused by how the template is set up. Depending on what it's doing, though, you might be able to sort-of correct it with things like toying with different column setups, text indents, invisible text (which can be weird for screen readers), adding transparent space around the image (in an editor), etc.

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