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Sage (played by Osris)

There was a emergency one faithful night. 11:43 pm on Tuesday November third 3092. Sage was rushing along with two other paramedics Jake and Hope to get to a emergency, a very bad hovercraft crash. “Sage there’s two hovercrafts in it I’ll come with you in one ambulance and Jake is gonna get a doctor to come with him, you got your crystal?” Hope asked as she grabbed onto their arm. Sage quickly nodded. “I always do..” they said softly as they got keys to to ambulance and unlocked the door before getting into the front seat. Once Hope and theirselfs were buckled in they drove to the car crash.
About 10 minutes later it is 11:56 now. Sage unbuckled their seat belt and rushed out to look at the crash. “Holy crap..” they whispered.
They took a window breaking device and went up to the car Y/C was in. They tapped on the window. “Im going to break the window.. cover your face..” they said to the person. Once the face was covered they pushed the device hard Into the window and it broke. After they opened the door and helped Y/C out and onto a stretcher that Hope got out. “Ima ask you some questions alright? What’s your name and how old are you?” They asked.
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

Open to anyone?
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

Jess saw the other craft rise in front of her just long enough to gasp and grip the steering aparratus, as if that would do any good. She tried to pull up--to rise above the sudden obstacle but seconds later she felt the impact. She heard the sickening crash and felt the breathtaking impact of the air bag pushing her back in her seat before everything went dark.

She awoke with a splitting headache and a muffled buzzing sound all around--

Or is the buzz inside my head? she wondered.

Jess tried to open her eyes.

She could--just barely--see enough to realize she was trapped, and that's when claustrophobia set in. Jess began to panic.

"N--no--" she clawed at her safety belt and found the release button and pushed it down as hard as she could, waiting for a click. It never came, and the belt would not release her. "No--no--hey!!! Get me out! Get me out of here!" she screamed, finding her voice.

She vaguely saw figures outside the window and heard the words well enough to bring one arm up to shield her face. The other one, she suddenly realized, wouldn't move.

That's when she knew, this was serious. She wouldn't be able to work like this. And if she couldn't work...

Jess shuddered to think what it would mean for the few people that she cared for. And as an apparent rescuer came close enough to reach her she found herself unable to control her emotions.

"Get. Me. Ouuuuut!" she tried to yell, but her voice broke and unbidden tears streamed down her face. To her annoyment, her angry yell came out as merely a whisper, and she gave up trying to talk, but screwed her eyes tightly shut so that she would not have to see any looks of pity from anyone.
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

Sage quickly moved the glass away from the female, they had a worried look on their face. Noting that the person had a few cuts from glass now on their body and possibly a broken bone some where.

They noticed the tears and sighed softly as they gently wiped them before leaning on and opening the door. They took a pocket knife out and cut the seat belt. ”You’re’re ok..” they said quietly as they slowly lifted the female out of the hover car and onto a stretcher. They had a soft look on their face.

There were two ambulances, one was holding the other driver now and was about to head to the hospital.

Sage looked over at the female before they loaded her onto they amblulances. Sage gently buckled in the girl loosely so any injuries wouldn’t hurt as bad.

“You are ok dear.. are you able to talk? Or can you just do a thumbs up or a thumbs down so I can see what’s hurt?” They asked, a clipboard in hand.
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

The touch as they wiped away her tears got through to Jess a bit, even in her state, and she opened her eyes to try to see this person who had done such a tender gesture. Everything was a bit blurry...but she glanced his ears and drew in her breath.

An elf?

She had always been told to avoid magical creatures--that they were unpredictable--not to be trusted. She had never been so close to an elf before. This elf did not seem the way she had been told. Surprisingly, she didn't feel in danger around them; she felt safe...but can I truly trust them? What if it's an act? she thought briefly.

But Jess was in no position to be closed-minded or suspicious of her rescuer. She looked at him with guarded hope. As he cut the seatbelt she breathed a sigh of true relief and whispered,

"Thank you..." Some more tears fell from gratitude as they pulled her out of the hovercraft, but she groaned in pain at the movement. She could feel the sharp pain from her arm now, and more than that, her whole body seemed to hurt.

The elf's comforting words came at the right time and she hung onto them with her mind.

I'm okay...I will be okay... she tried to repeat to herself. But her body told her otherwise and she shuddered as she thought of the hospital visit ahead and the implications of the wreck and her arm.

"You're ok dear..." she heard and she fixed her eyes on the elf again as they asked if she could talk.

"My voice works fine," she said, a bit standoffish. "Wh-why are you being so nice to me?" She meant the question to come out rather tough, but it came out sounding more like a child asking for reassurance. She couldn't hide the fear in her voice. "Are you taking me to the hospital? I--I---hate hospitals..."
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

Sage made sure the female was comfortable and buckled up, they got a sheet and a small pillow from a cabinet before they rested the pillow behind her head and covered her legs in the sheets.

They had a small smile on their face to keep the girl calm. They started to take care of her vitals. Writing down her pulse and heart beat on their hand. After they put gloves on and got some stuff to clean the girls cuts.

They looked at her as they sat next to her and cleaned them gently. “It is my job love, I love to help those in need” they said softly. “This..this is gonna sting a bit..” they added as they cleaned the cuts gently. Wiping up the blood. They were quick and gentle.

After they looked at her arm. “Most people do hate the hospital, but I’ll be with you ok? You will be safe, from a scale from 1 to 10 how much does your arm hurt?” They asked as they got some bandages to wrap her arm temporarily.
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

Jess winced at the sting as the elf cleaned her wounds, grasping the side of the stretcher with her good, right hand. She was glad they were so gentle, and so fast.

She nodded slightly at their reassurance, but when they said they would stay with her, she looked them directly in the eye and the relief showed on her face.

Jess glanced at her left arm which lay there unmoving.

"Um...a 5? It hurts but what worries me is that I can't seem to move it mu--" Jess tried to lift it then, and sharp pain shot up her arm, causing her to wince again.

"Ahhhh, hell! A 10! It's a %×¥^∆™ 10!" She shouted, her sentence peppered with curse words her parents would have been shocked to hear her say. She was shocked, herself.

"Sorry, I..I think my arm hit something in the hovercraft. When I try to move it, the pain is a 10." She let out a shaky, frustrated sigh and looked away, blinking rapidly and silently willing herself not to start crying again.

As they wrapped up her arm temporarily, Jess regained her composure and found herself watching the elf closely, with curiosity. She watched their every move, carefully, and with a kind of fascination.

Her father's ominous words echoed in her mind: Creatures of magic will always be able to overpower you. Never turn your back on one. This gentle elf seemed so unlike what her father seemed to think.

"My name is Jess," she offered, suddenly realizing that staring at someone so long without speaking was rude. "May I please know yours?"

As Jess waited for their answer, she almost unconsciously reached down with her right hand and unbuckled the strap holding her to the stretcher. She was grateful that it was fastened so loosely, but it still bothered her enough that she had to try to open it. It's not as if we are moving right now, she thought. She felt a twinge of guilt, but she hoped they would not notice.
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

Sage gently wrapped the bandages around her arm, tight enough so she couldn’t fully move her arm but not too tight to cause any further issues. They laid her hand down and got some forms from Hope before the lady closed the back doors and got into the front of the ambulance.

“Keep it smooth, Hope” they said before they got a tablet out. They scanned Jess before getting all her info. They made sure everything was correct before continuing.

“It’s very nice to meet you Jess, I’m sorry that all of this happened. My name is Sage.” They said softly and looked at the girl.

They slowly leaned forward and brushed her hair out of her face, looking at the cuts. They sighed softly.. hopefully this does not scare her.. they thought as their hand hovered over her head and gently and slowly healed the small cuts.

“Im just healing the little cuts for you.. don’t be afraid” they said softly as they slowly lowered their hand. They smiled a bit and looked at her. “You will be ok, I promise”
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

"Sage," Jess repeated, looking at them curiously. "Like the herb some people burn to get rid of...evil spirits. My name is Jess, short for Jessica...Campbell. Like the soup. I can't remember if I told you."

She felt like she was talking fast. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly to try to calm down.

When Sage moved her hair back, she looked at them suspiciously. Why are they getting so close... When they began healing the cuts on her skin, she gasped and tensed, prepared to run if necessary. But soon she realized what he was doing did not hurt. And she relaxed.

After that, she was simply amazed, and had no words. She touched her face where the cuts had been and the skin was smooth. She kept running her fingertips over the spots as if she couldn't fully accept that the cuts were truly gone.

Finally, she looked up at him with wide brown eyes.

"Thanks," she mumbled, still too stunned to say much more. Her father had talked about the powers of elves to destroy, but never powers like this. Powers to heal.

Suddenly Jess realized--if he could do THAT, he could surely heal her arm.

She could continue to work--she, her father and her little brother would not have to find yet another place to stay. Her father was too old to work; her brother far too young. Since her mother had passed it had been up to her, but she couldn't do her usual work with only one arm.

"Can you fix my arm the way you did my cuts?" Jess asked hopefully. "Why do we even have to go to the hospital at all?"
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

The elf smiled a bit at Jess’s reaction. They leaned back a bit and closed their eyes for a moment. They sighed softly.

“Im sorry Miss. Jess, I cannot heal your arm.. it drains me enough to heal
Your cuts.. a broken arm is a lot harder for me..” they said softly as they opened their eyes and looked at her, they smiled a tiny bit.

The ambulance was nearing the hospital. Once the ambulance came to a stop the doors to the back of the vehicle opened, another elf was there.

Sage slowly got up and jumped off the back, “thank you Hope.” They said softly before looking up at Jess. “This might be a bit bumpy, my apologies” they said softly as they stretcher moved down and off the ambulance, they smiled a tiny bit at Jess.

Once off the ambulance Hope closed the doors. Sage headed towards the ER doors and put in a pin for the back doors to unlock, there were already a few other nurses waiting, one of them gave Sage a wristband.

Sage pushed the stretcher into the ER and went to a private room for Jess.

“Miss Jess, May I see your other wrist?” They asked and looked at her.
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

"Oh," Jess answered, frowning with concern. She hadn't considered that doing magic might effect the elf as well. She felt a bit selfish for not realizing it. "I understand. I...didn't realize that it does that to you."

Jess nodded and smiled politely at the second elf who Sage had called Hope, then she braced herself and gritted her teeth through the bumpy ride into the hospital. The bumbs hurt, but not too much, and she managed to not cry out. The bandage was doing a good job of keeping her arm still, fortunately.

Jess looked around the private room and was impressed. She was glad it was private, but a pang of guilt hit her after a second. I wonder when they will ask for money. she thought. She decided not to worry about that unless someone brought it up, because she really needed help with her arm. Maybe they'll fix it before anyone figures out that our family is poor, she thought, a bit nervously.

Then Sage's question brought her back into the present moment.

"Oh! Of course," Jess answered them, and she lifted her right wrist up.
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

Sage looked at her face. They knew that face pretty well. They chuckled softly as they put the wrist band on her wrist. “Your stay here is free dear..” they said softly as they made sure the band was not too tight.

They went to get some gloves before putting them on and getting a hospital gown. “Are you comfortable with me helping to change you? I can get some one else if not” they said softly.

A knock came to the door, Sage would put down the gown on the bed before going to see who was there. It was Hope again with a coffee for Sage and some crackers for Jess. Sage seemed shocked and the tips of their ears turned pink. They smiled a bit and thanked Hope. Before they closed the door.

They looked at Jess. “That can wait, do you wanna eat the crackers?” They asked with a small smile.
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

Jess sighed with relief about the stay being free. Apparently her father's boycott of all things magical has left her with many gaps in understanding about how things worked in the integrated world.

She nodded at Saged and smiled gratefully.


Jess considered the question for a moment. She wasn't the modest type, but---would it suddenly turn weird and awkward? She didn't think it would, and with their gentle way of doing things, she preferred them to stay--

"It doesn't bother me." Jess said, shooting them a small smile. "Your touch is gentle. I want you to stay."


Jess' eyebrows arched a bit when she saw the tips of Sage's ears turn pink.

She took the crackers, and rather indelicately opened them with her good hand and her teeth, then took just one out and nibbled on it daintily.

"Your ears just totally changed color," Jess said, a hint of amusement in her voice. "What was that about? You have a crush on Hope, eh?"
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

Sage leaned onto the small counter in the room as they watched the girl eat a bit. They took a small sip of the coffee, it was just how they liked it. They glanced up at Jess and there ears turned more pink. “N-No..! I- … I just get embarrassed..” they said quietly.

They huffed softly as they let Jess finish her crackers before they took the hospital gown out of the packaging and unfolded the gown. “Are you ready to change?” They asked softly with a small smile.


After Jess was changed they nodded. “Is there anything I can get you before I make sure you are signed in?” They asked with a smile as they looked at Jess.

Sage slowly moved near her and gently moved her hair out of her face. “There you go.. want an extra blanket or anything?”
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

Jess couldn't help but smile a little wider at Sage's reactions to her guess that they had a crush. She hoped they didn't think she was laughing at their expense. She just found the flustered quality of their reaction a bit...cute and endearing.

"Mmm-hmmm," Jess said, raising an eyebrow again, clearly not convinced. This bit of entertainment had taken Jess' mind off of the pain in her arm a bit, but as she got changed, the little bit of movement required made her remember it and wince accordingly.

"No, I---," Jess tried to focus enough through the pain and awkwardness to formulate what she was trying to say into some coherent words. She was feeling more relaxed now that she was here, at the hospital, although she felt her stomach tighten with a sense of anxiety at the thought of being left alone there. However, now that Sage had done all they had done, she felt like she would be able to handle it now. She cleared her throat finally and continued, her voice a bit softer.

"No, I--I just want you to know that I'm glad you were here to get me out of there and then, well, that you stayed with me to help calm me down. Just--thank you."
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

Sage looked away when Jess looked at them with a look with disbelief. “Hope is 9 years older than me too..” they said quietly as they gently messed with Jess’s hair with a chuckle.

They moved next to Jess and gently brushed her hair with their fingers before tying her hair up into a pony tail with a fresh hair tie to keep it out of her face.

Sage stared at Jess for a moment and slowly nodded. “You’re welcome dear.. elf’s are not as bad as some people think, it’s somthing to get used to.. I hope you get some rest, you can press the nurse aid button and I’ll come back alright?” They said softly and put their hand on her shoulder with a small smile.

When Jess said ok Sage left quietly and went to fill out paper work for Jess before making their rounds around the ER.
That seemed to reach a nice ending point. I'm tempted to leave it there.
Sage (played by Osris) Topic Starter

((That’s no problem if you would like))

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