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Noros (played by Astrobeans)

Noros appeared in the middle of the open-spaced chamber. The wall was durable and enhanced with magic to sustain the heaviest attacks.

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Kagami Hansha (played by YinYang_Creator)

“Cool place ya got here.”
Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

"The wall is made to endure the heaviest attacks", Noros said then looked the crater-size hole and nearly destroyed trees. 'Those three again. Always going to the max', he shook his head yet smiled with pride.
Kagami Hansha (played by YinYang_Creator)

“Anyways, lets start. Blood Demon Art: Crystal Mirror Moonlight Reflection!”
Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

Unprepared, the beam went right through him.
Kagami Hansha (played by YinYang_Creator)

Kagami grins. “Inazuma, your up!”

Willow steps forward. “Blood Demon Art : Slicing Wind Sickles!” The sickles fly towards Noros, leaving deep cuts in his skin.
Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

The hole caused by the beam starts to regenerate, causing the hole to close up. Using his blood from the deep cuts, he crystallizes it into sharp shards and throws it towards them.
“Blood Demon Art : Unbreakable Wind Barrier : Forward Gale Shot!”
The barrier flys forward, knocking the projectiles back towards him
Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

He dodges the projectiles with grace and picks some of them up then absorbs them. The lost blood returns to his body.
“Hmm… it appears you also have regeneration. This battle is pointless, as we both basically can’t die, and the fight would never end. Truce? With me at least?”
Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

"Truce", he frowned, looking at his blood-stained white kimono then held out his hand towards Willow to shake.
Kagami screams in the background. “Hey, you can’t do that to me Willow, get back here an fight”
Willow sighs. “Blood demon art, Unbreakable wind barrier muzzle”
The barrier forms a muzzle in Kagami’s mouth. “Sorry, but Muzan has assigned me to basically be her baby sitter… it’s a tough job.”
Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

"I understand", he chuckled. "I feel like a father to all of my harbingers", he said with a smile.

Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

Looking at his blood stained kimono, he pulled out a small little wand with a star on it. With a white flash, he had changed into a brand new outfit.
“Ooh, that’s pretty… can you make me something?”
Noros (played by Astrobeans) Topic Starter

"I suppose but my fashion taste is outdated", he waved the pedant in front of her and transformed her outfit.
Tora (played by Reithesniper)

" I'd say to much pink" she'd pick some burning feathers from her mouth

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