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welcome fellow newbie, i hope you have fun here

Hope you enjoy your time here!
Welcome back ☺️
Glad to have you at the RPR!
phrog wrote:

It is I, phrog; the mighty, the wondrous, the omnipotent. Soon everyone will know my name, and I will be a hallowed member of this community as I am with every community I ingratiate myself into. I am phrog, and no one can resist my infallible charm and inimitable charisma.

Either way, before I begin extolling all of my great virtues, I'll give you all some background. I've been roleplaying for about eight years--much less than some totals I've seen around here--between multiple platforms. I started, as many do, in a really awkward and off-the-wall place which I will not name. Then, after about a year, I believe I switched to RPR under a different name and did my thing here for a while. How long specifically? I couldn't say, but after leaving, I hopped between platforms and landed in Discord. I've been there since but decided to return to RPR because I enjoyed the style it presented compared to Discord.

So that's that; I'll give no details on my past tenure here (mostly because I don't remember the username or the last time it was active), but I will say that I'm eager to get things set up and ready for action. Nice to meet you all.
Oh hello Im Lavender!

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