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Amaimon (played anonymously)

The night has just begun, and the palace sits at the highest spot in Imperium, the capital of Hell's Pride Ring. There, Amaimon waited.

The path leading up to the massive door was shorter than it normally would have been, Amaimon had discreetly hidden a teleportation circle at the base of where the path started. It would take trick-or-treaters much less time to arrive and leave the palace.

On the path sat a hidden item special to each trick-or-treater that would come.
Patches (played by GingerHades)

With a sudden blink of the teleportation circle, one of the first guests of the night had arrived.... In a clumsy, unprepared manner, that is.

The moment Patches had been whisked away to this wonderful palace, they promptly faceplanted onto the path leading to the door. They took a moment to contemplate before getting up and dusting itself off. One of their friends had urged them to dress as another doll, one wearing a striped shirt in many different colours, along with a pair of blue overalls. Patches wasn't sure why their friend had suggested it, but they liked the look anyway.

Patchworked pillowcase wrapped in hand, the little ragdoll ambled its way over to the door. Just as they were about to go knock on the door, Patches was sidetracked by a strange item that was laying on the ground... They quickly went to investigate.
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

When Amaimon heard Patches coming, he opened the door, then looked over to what they were doing, then saw what they were looking at. He crouched next to them. "That's.. yours, yes?"
Patches (played by GingerHades)

Upon further inspection, Patches held up a decently-sized pincushion, sewn to resemble a pumpkin. This had to be their special item.

And Patches loved it! They had been needing a new pincushion for a while, and this was the most adorable replacement they could have gotten! They much preferred this over candy (since they couldn't eat it anyway, and were only Trick-or-Treating for fun).

"This is for Patches? Wooooow! Thank you!" Patches had asked, despite Amaimon having just confirmed it was intended for them. Enthusiastically, they dropped their prize into their stitched-up pillowcase. What a score!
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

He smiled at them. "I'd never thought you'd find it so quickly, but yes, it's all yours. Now, go have fun."
Patches (played by GingerHades)

Patches was bouncing from toe-to-toe with excitement! With a more silent thank you and a wave of their noodle-like arm, Patches turned around and waddled away with great speed. There were probably other gifts out there, but those were most likely made for other people.

In an adorably clumsy display, Patches tripped over their own little feet, directly faceplanting into the teleportation circle. With a sudden blink, the ragdoll was whisked away.
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Amaimon chuckled quietly, then went back inside once again to wait for the next guest.
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

Elliot grumbled to themselves. As much as they preferred to spend Halloween in the mortal realms where all the fun was at, they had found themselves... was 'grounded' the word? Not by any individual demon, but by the hells themselves. They had been exorcised by a surprisingly capable priest and now had to spend a few years stuck in the dingy underworld.

Being somewhat of an outcast amongst demons, Elliot had picked a costume that attempted to rectify things. The red onesie they wore gave them the guise of an imp, complete with pointed tail and a little pair of wings. It even had a hood with a pair of horns which Elliot had put up at the start of their night, but had soon pulled down due to how itchy it made their hair.

Their candy receptacle was the hollowed-out skull of some large - by Elliot's reckoning of size, at least - demon or another. Elliot didn't ask when they got hold of it. Sometimes it was best not to. The eye sockets were enchanted to emit a constant stream of hellfire.

At a certain point along the path, Elliot paused and rubbed their eyes with an oversized hand. They could have sworn they were further away than this a few steps ago... were they going crazy...? Elliot looked around, then shrugged and made their way to the door. Normal doors tended to have their attention-grabbing infrastructure well out of Elliot's reach, so force of habit had them knock firmly.
Cyber 'surf' Lightseeker (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

He slowly approached the large castle door, dressed as a vampire, he looked around at everything around the castle, he began fidgeting with his hair in an anxious manner before knocking the door, the gleam of the night reflecting in his eyes
Tally (played anonymously)

Tally brings up the rear of the group, feeling sort of out of place. This house is... strange. She feels something weird in her tummy as she steps on that special part of the path, and is acutely aware of the fact that she just... moved.

Feeling nervous, she continues, trailing rather far behind Elliot and Surf. She makes her way up to the door eventually, though, and as the two of them have already knocked, she doesn't.

"Is anyone coming?" She asks, softly, in her little quavery voice after working up the courage to do so.
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Amaimon opened the door, smiling. “Why, hello! I don’t have any treats to give, you must find them! Your treat is hidden somewhere in a 30-foot radius from where you stand..” He explained.
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

Elliot folded their arms in a huff. "Find!? Bah. Sounds like work to me." They turned around to ponder the queue that had formed behind them. "Well... whatever. This shouldn't be too difficult."

Elliot moved aside to make space for themselves and sniffed at the air. As demons went, they were fairly unremarkable. The only thing they could sense that was of any supernatural use was the presence of other demons, and that was fairly useless down in the hells. Aside from the ability to jump really high and typical innate demon abilities such as fire resistance, they were fairly uninteresting when it came to abilities. Still, they liked to pretend. It made them feel more important.

"It better be butter candies..." they muttered to themselves. "Or something that plays music whenever my name is announced. That would be good... oooh, or my very own hellhound steed!" They clenched their fists in triumph at imagining what it would be like to ride atop a burning hellhound whilst mortals fell to their knees before them. Oh, now that would be glorious! Mightily wishful thinking, but if there was anything Elliot could be relied on to do, it was to dream big.
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

He chuckled softly. “Work is necessary for success, my friend!” He said.
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

Elliot shrugged and wandered off, beginning their search proper. Upper-level demons sure liked their games... not that Elliot was opposed to games themselves... perhaps they would do the same if they had the same amount of power available to them.

Elliot wasn't entirely sure what they were looking for, but they supposed it wouldn't be too hard to find, right?
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Half-buried in the ground was a small charm that seemed to call out to Elliot in his mind.
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

Elliot wandered in the direction of the charm with suspicion, looking down at it with narrowed eyes. It was hard to trust other demons on most days. In their experience, demons loved messing with mortals, but the one thing they loved even more was messing with other demons who were weaker than them and not their minions or allies. Of course, this was one of the few days where demons typically called a truce in such matters. Or at least the demons Elliot was aware of. Whether that stretched to include all demons, who was to say...?

Elliot crouched down to get a better look, poking thoughtfully at the paw beans of their left hand with the claw of their right index finger. "And what do we have here...?" They muttered to themselves.
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

The charm pulsed with life as Elliot touched it, signaling that this prize was theirs
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

Elliot lifted the charm to get a better look. "Hello? What do we have here...?" They asked it, as though expecting it to answer. Of course, they didn't actually expect that, but with hellish artefacts, who knew for sure?
Amaimon (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Before Elliot could realize that he was there, Amaimon clapped his hands together. “Oh, how wonderful! I’m impressed that you found it this quickly!”
Elliot Scratchclaw (played by Riik)

"Well of course I did! It's cause I'm the best, obviously!" Elliot declared, though they knew that it was the charm that did all the work. Curiously, they shook it up and down. "So uh... what does it do...?" They asked, Turning it around to view it from other angles.

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