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Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

"I- Huh?" Mixie was otherwise confused as Tally got up and expressed concern for Mixie's safety, even though Mixie was the monster that had just been described. She couldn't bring herself to respond properly before the pumpkin-headed girl was already out the door.

That was strange, but Mixie shrugged and went back up to the balcony to observe, containing her laughter.

Mixie awaits the next passerby...

(You're very welcome! Thanks for stopping by, heheheheh >:D)
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi and her son, Ren spot an abandoned house of some sort. It seems Azumi was excited, but Ren was not, far from it actually. The only thing that Ren did not inherit from his mother was her sense of curiosity, even when curiosity was about to spell danger.

"We're not going in there...", Ren said as his hand was being dragged by the kitsune

"Oh don't be such a scaredy cat! It'll be fine!", Azumi giggled. It was clear there was no convincing her, so Ren simply gave in to her sense of wanderlust. Together they approached the door and knocked three times. Ren was shaking slightly and was already trying to stop himself from screaming. Azumi gave him a smile, but Ren was too focused at looking at something else in order to come himself down

"Trick or treat!", Azumi said happily. Ren attempted to utter the words but he simply stuttered one too many times for anyone to understand that he was trying to make a sentence.

(I request a trick lol)
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

Upon knocking, the door swung open with little to no effort. Again, nobody was there to gift the newcomers with candy. Already, a bad sign.

"...Haven't we met before?"

And just to make things worse, it appeared as if whatever was lurking inside apparently recognized the two. Whereabouts? Didn't matter, because it was already on its way down; The terrible thud-thud-thudding was fast approaching from the balcony, as the beast leapt down in front on them, starting her grand entrance off with a bang.

Far too many eyes were fixed on Azumi and her son, tongue-like tentacles twisting and turning outwards, accompanied by the sounds of jaws gnashing together.

Finally, to top it all off, the demon let out another bellowing roar, its echoes akin to the screams of the damned.

As usual, Mixie did not approach, but the sight was no less horrible to behold.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi's eyes widened, she stood there motionless and her tails stopped wagging. She was clearly terrified... or at least that's what she showed on the outside at least. The only person who was actually terrified was Ren. He was already shaking in fear, his mind clearly unable to process what was happening. Azumi was, in fact, elated by the way Mixie scared them and seemed to be giggling, though her son simply saw her giggling as a sign that she was going insane.

"I think we have, child!", She said, trying to hold back her laughter and excitement, "I assume you also met my unruly nephew who crashed into that party?"

"We...", Ren told the kitsune, shaking her by the shoulder, but Azumi explained that this person was no monster, she was just someone she met a long time ago and further explained that certain "scene" their band singer did. Ren groaned and looked at Mixie and tried to form a smile despite not even making eye contact with her.

"Must you do that with every stranger we meet?", Azumi scolded her son, "Well, I guess we better get going, the Surburbanites don't sleep until they make another song! Oh and Renny, give the nice lady our business card if she's interested in joining our band". Ren reluctantly agreed and reached for the red shaded parchment which showed a picture of Ren, Azumi, and a catlike alien, presumably Azumi's nephew. They waved goodbye and proceeded on their merry way.
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

Mixie stayed put in the house, holding onto the business card, until...

"Ah-ah-ah," The demon was following them outside! This couldn't have been good. "And where do you think YOU'RE goin', hmmmmm?"

Mixie eventually sprinted in front of them, blocking their exit. This... This was definitely bad.

"Did you two seriously think you could just get out of here..." Mixie approached. She was getting closer, and closer, much too close, and that's when-

"Without claimin' your prize?" Suddenly the bowl of king-sized chocolate bars was being presented to Azumi and Ren. They took their Trick, Mixie wasn't going to let them leave without their treats.

"Go on, then. Take a few. And Happy Halloween, by the way." Mixie grinned.

Once they had taken their candies, Mixie sprinted back home, barely closing the door behind her. She waits patiently for the next visitor.
Riik (played by Riik)

Today was a good day for Riik to try to bust themselves out of their shell. And thus far, though anxiety maintained a strong grip on them, they were managing to succeed in pushing forward. The decor and atmosphere had so far proven to inflict nothing upon the fluffy creature. But then Riik had yet to encounter anything truly supernatural.

Making their way along the trail to their next destination, Riik failed to notice the police tape. The fact was they were mostly focused on the social anxieties that swam through their mind. They were currently dressed in an exoskeleton of sculpted foam shaped into insectoid formations. A headband with a pair of ant-like antennae accompanied the outfit, joined by a face mask with a pair of large ant-like plastic mandibles attached to it. Small triangles were cut into their chest piece to match the glowing magenta markings in their fur beneath, through which they breathed. They carried in one of their four hands a bucket covered in glued-on shells that were painted black so as to look like beetles.

Riik finally made their way to the farmhouse, seemingly either missing or just ignoring much of the carnage en route. Not that it mattered. They were heading in this direction anyway. And people seemed to be going to and from this particular property, so it felt natural to do the same.

Reaching the door, Riik steeled themselves for the most terrifying thing of all - social interaction!

"U-um..." They knocked surprisingly firmly for one with such strong anxiety. It perhaps helped that the knuckle sections of their costume were made of hard wood rather than foam. "T-trick or treat!?" They asked as loudly as they dared.

((Gimme a triiiick!!! :D))
Through the tattered curtains of autumn mist, a sickly green light flickered. Trudging about in the moist, muddy soil, an enormous, corrupted figure approached. Its claws permanently unsheathed, its jaws unhinged and its eyes ever-staring, it appeared that the beloved shapeshifting trickster was about to meet a cannibal colleague. One quite in the mood for a snack. And by the smell of it, Mixie already appeared to have been surrounded by a lot of them..

What was this tradition of trick-or-treat? It had heard many mortals utter the phrase throughout the night, but neither it nor He had gotten to understand what it meant just yet. Meals scampered about in outfits that didn’t resemble themselves, stuffing their faces with sweets between their laughter fits. Alienating.

”Gggggrrrrreeeetttttiiiiinnnngssss..” moaned the choir of tormented voices in Click’s throat. Hunched over in a half-crouch, it appeared behind Riik, looming over the tiny being as its inky drool dripped from its jaws.

Inhuman. Of another planet. Yet, like the many human children from before, they had just uttered that same, baffling phrase. Trick-or-treat. What was it with these strange mortals?! It leaned over slightly, its jaws trembling, but He told it to take it easy. They had come here for the cannibalistic demon they’d heard rumors about- the priority was to meet them, and not eat their guests. Clickjaw’s glowing tumor of a gut sent out a jolt of pain. Feeding would have to wait.

”..Tttttrriiiiicckkk ooorrrrr tttrrreeeaaaaattt..” Every word said was like a rusted combat knife to the larynx.. or whatever was left of it. Puffing out its usual death rattle, Clickjaw stood patiently behind Tiik, staring down at them as if to say “You first, of course..”. How lucky the alien had to be to be caught between not one, but two man-eating monsters tonight.

(( Got any of your.. special treats laying around? ;) ))
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

As usual, no actual answer. No candy in sight. Just the crumbly interior and the fireplace's warm glow. However, not long after knocking, something began dripping from the ceiling... Thankfully, not blood. Was it water from a leaky pipe or something?

"The more, the merrier."

Rather than a loud, fast-paced entrance, a multitude of tongues stemming from the demon's back gently lowered Mixie to the floor, the bare portions of her skin occupied by eyes of many shapes and sizes, all of them frantically moving about, before locking onto their two targets.

Mixie's face lacked any features altogether, however, there was an odd amount of movement underneath the skin... accompanied by gross, unpleasant noises.

Finally, the tongues released their grip on above, allowing the fiend to land on her misshapen feet. With a horrible crack, the skin of Mixie's face split open, revealing gaping jaws that took up the entirety of her visage. Peering down that monster's throat as she roared revealed nothing but sharp teeth, poking out from every direction, all the way down.

If Riik thought social interaction was bad... this was sure to be a lot worse. Even Clickjaw was there to witness the fabled monstrosity in all her eldritch glory.
Riik (played by Riik)

Riik was used to all manner of strange creatures. But this was too much. At least those creatures made sense. The facial horror was in the fact the least of their worries - it was the endless skin of eyes and internal movement that got to them. They took a shaky step back... and bumped into the figure behind, which so far they had only really heard. Turning to catch sight of the second being, they yelped and hopped away. The sight of Clickjaw was worse at this moment, but only because it had caught them by surprise and happened to be positioned in a more critical direction. Though they had no time to think it, Riik's opinions would probably be flipped had the two beings been revealed to them simultaneously and in equal positions of vulnerability.

After finding space, Riik found themselves feeling cornered, though they knew there were avenues of escape. But Riik had faced unusual creatures before that happened to be faster than they looked, and running wasn't always the safest option. Their fight-or-flight response flipped, and their grip on their bucket - now involving all four hands - tightened. Purple electrical energy gathered in their forearms, dancing around and occasionally ripping pinhead-sized holes out of their costume, sending bits of foam flying. They stood stock still, waiting for danger, barely able to remain upright upon their shaking legs, toes grasping at the ground and digging in. Their brow lowered into a scowl over their unblinking eyes, and the shaking stopped.

Though they only had a rudimentary lung for the sole purpose of speaking, they still took a deep breath and long exhale, as it provided them focus. Their fear was now contained behind sheer survival instinct. They waited for what the expected to be some sort of confrontation.
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

The horrid display came to a close the moment purple, crackling energies began ripping through the alien's costume. How interesting, Mixie thought, as her shape twisted and reformed back to its regular self.

"Whoa there, doll, take it easy!" Mixie upper hands held themselves up dismissively. Her lower hands were reaching for something behind her. "I'm not here to hurt ya. I'm just havin' a bit of scary fun tonight!"

Mixie began to approach, calm and collected. Her lower hands brought themselves up front, holding onto the bowl of king-sized candy bars. "Here, for bein' a good sport, maybe one of these'll make ya feel better? Take the ones you want. But not all of 'em. Do that and I'll eat your face."

Mixie paused, before laughing. "Naaah, I'm just messin' with ya! You take your prize and have a Happy Halloween, hmmmm?"

As Mixie placed the bowl off to the side as Riik was gifted their much-deserved treats, Mixie's attention snapped to the glowing green light that announced Clickjaw's presence. "Well, well, well! And what do we have here?"

She had just remembered: Clickjaw was just here to witness the Trick, too! It needed to be rewarded, too. Her cheek came to rest in Mixie's upper-right hand as she pondered. "Hmmmmm..." She wasn't quite sure if a beast such as Click could even consume chocolate. (And while Mixie wasn't quite aware of His presence, who knows if He would even let the malformed Therion eat candy as well?)

Well, perhaps it would be best to ask... "So, big guy, how do you feel about chocolate? If that doesn't sound good to ya, perhaps I can whip you up some... other treat?"

This feverish, zombified beast looked like the type who enjoyed a more carnivorous diet. Mixie could have that arranged...
Riik (played by Riik)

Riik slowly relaxed as Mixie reverted, the purple energy dissipating. For a brief moment, the various glowing areas of their body - at least those that were not covered by costume - glowed brighter, then dimmed back to their normal levels. They slowly let go of the dirt beneath them and watched cautiously with unblinking eyes.

Riik eyed the bowl nervously at first, then thoughtfully. They considered just taking one. That would be the fair thing to do. But the offer suggested that there wasn't a fixed quantity limit and they had a large appetite to contend with. Thus, taking their bucket in one hand, they shoved the other other three into the bowl and each hand left with a candy bar each, which they dropped into their bucket. They considered adding their tail and perhaps even one of their feet to the limb huddle, but decided that would perhaps be too greedy.

Riik watched awkwardly as Mixie went off to converse with the other nightmarish being and social panic began to take over again. Was that a dismissal? Should they leave now? They found themselves awkwardly drifting around what they deemed to be the edge of some invisible bubble they had arbitrarily decided was the perimeter of this particular social encounter, slowly heading toward the exit to the property.
Although it would be impossible to describe the display that Mixie put on in mere words, Clickjaw and Him alike could agree on the fact that the demon didn’t disappoint. Initially faceless, the small but fearsome anomaly sprouted a toothy maw that even a full-grown Therion could be jealous of, scaring the poor alien caught between them shitless, to put it mildly. Then again, He wasn’t blind to the little’s thing ability to stand their ground, at least for the time being. Their courage sure didn’t match their size. Impressive. Perhaps with slight persuasion they could strike a-

No, no, not why they were here. The concept of a many-armed minion that was adept in designing disguises was a charming one, but this night of All Hallow’s Eve was supposed to be a celebration, not a recruitment event. Besides, they’d come here for a meal, not an (in)voluntarily drafted Speaker.

Quietly drooling, Clickjaw watched the interaction between Mixie and Riik unfold, glancing only quickly at the bowl of sweet-smelling foodstuffs. Soulless, not meat-like. Nonetheless, the alien seemed to find it appetizing enough to take some into its funny bucket. Hmm..

”..yyyyYYYYYeeeeeeesssssss..” Clickjaw answered when Mixie got the hint and brought up the offer of.. other snacks. Despite her size, she looked like a formidable hunter; while He was able to contort Clickjaw’s form to a certain degree, the versatility of this demon’s shapeshifting abilities seemed like a perfect tool for pursuing targets all across the realms. ”..llllLLLLleeeeeettt uuuuussssss.. ffeeeeeeeeddd..” Their dead stare had shifted from Riik to Mixie a while now, but for a second it flicked back towards the leaving alien in a downright unnerving way. Was it an invitation to try a bite too? Or did it consider Riik an interesting appetizer now? It was all left up to the brave four-armed fella’s own interpretation.
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

Its interest towards Riik had Mixie step in. "Ah-ah-ah! Not that one," Mixie snapped in front of the general direction of Clickjaw's face (since she was a little too short to actually get her hand in front of its face), to draw its attention back to her. Mixie was having a lot of fun without carnage tonight, therefore having an incident while there were Trick or Treaters about would ruin everything! "I've got somethin' much better for ya! Let's see..."

Mixie's abdominal area, right in-between where her crop top ended and her shorts began, had suddenly started to twist and contort, in a way almost similar to Clickjaw's own. The similarities ended the moment it split open, revealing one of those mouths again. Instead of seeing organs where they should be, or what should at least resemble the interior of gaping jaws, there was... nothing. Just a dark abyss with seemingly no end.
Mixie's lower-left hand dove into the darkness without hesitation, rummaging through the contents of within like she were going through a backpack. "Hmmmm... No, that's not- A-HA!"

Mixie grabbed a hold of something, and carefully she began to retrieve it. Unbelievably, a near-intact human leg, something that feasibly shouldn't have fit in Mixie's scrawny little torso, emerged from the slimy abyss. Despite having a couple chemical burns on the skin (likely from being barely digested), it was pristine enough for Mixie to think it would make a good treat.

Besides, Clickjaw didn't seem like the type who'd turn its nose up to anything of the meaty variety, anyway. No matter its origin.

"Here we are! How's this?" Mixie waved the leg in front of Clickjaw's eyes before setting it on the ground before the Therion's feet. "Happy Halloween!"
This was an interesting one. A great many powers at their disposal, no doubt assisting them in being a formidable hunter in whatever realm they originated from.. yet not at all greedy with their prey. True, He wasn’t exactly pitting Clickjaw against Mixie in some sort of messed-up hunting competition, but the generosity that the little shapeshifter showed them was a charming display, to say the least- while He would never admit it, He was somewhat jealous that He couldn’t mold Clickjaw into similar shapes so easily. Clickjaw barely had enough muscle control to shiver at the thought.

Silent as the grave - well, aside from the raspy death gurgle it constantly produced with each faltering breath -, it watched as Mixie dug around into the abyss of her stomach and retrieved.. a modestly intact human leg! Plenty of blood and muscles left on the bones; lively enough to pass for a satisfactory ‘snack’, if talking in regular cannibal terms.

”..thhhHHHHhaaannnnk yYy-“ Halfway through its sentence, Clickjaw’s contorted voice box snapped. It hacked, snarling out in pain, but right as it coughed up its old, brown blood, He had already rushed to the scene by rebuilding the larynx with His inky membrane. ”-Yyoouuooo..” A tendril emerged from Click’s gaping hole of a throat and latched around the ankle of the leg Mixie presented, before it was thrown into the air and caught by feral, snapping jaws. Like an oversized, seriously malformed piranha, the beast devoured its treat, after which it stared Mixie down again.

What motives lie behind that devilish visage of hers? He found it hard to tell. If she was willing to share her catch, she probably wasn’t using them to build on a pocket realm, like He was. That, and it appeared that she was in harmony with her body as well- as far as He could tell, there was no annoying remnant of some pitiful mortal’s brain stuck in the vessel. Would that make her deadlier? He could only wonder.

Without uttering another word, Clickjaw said its goodbyes with a deep, crocodilian hiss and a singular clack of its jaws, before turning around and trudging away from the farmhouse. Perhaps one day it would fully understand the beauty of this Trick-or-Treat thing..

(( Clickjaw out, thanks for the enjoyable interaction, my man! ))
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

Mixie flinched, not at the sight of blood, but at the fact Clickjaw was doing just fine until it suddenly coughed it up without any warning. Not to mention it went straight back to talking as if nothing happened. Mixie took a step back, heeding the tendril, and could only watch as the mutated nightmare guzzled down its treat.

"Ehh... You're welcome! Heh," Mixie nodded with a grin. "And click click to you too, doll."

The demon observed as Clickjaw feverishly ambled its way off the porch. She had never seen a beast quite like it; It was big, had a tendency to stare, and was almost skin and bones, save for its bloated, sickly abdomen. She couldn't help but wonder what its deal was. Perhaps that was a story for another day.

Satisfied (and slightly more peckish due to the morsel she had just gifted away), Mixie closed the door, still leaving it slightly ajar, and went back to her position in the darkness.

Mixie awaits the next visitor...
Karin (played anonymously)

((cannibal buddies!!))

Karin really hadn’t been a fan of the whole trick-or-treating thing. To be honest, she’s mainly out to heckle kids. But the police tape catches her eye — it’s kind of hard to miss — and now she’s interested. Because clearly people are getting candy from this place, which means somebody had the brilliant idea to give out candy from inside a crime scene.

That’s hilarious, and Karin has to go check it out.

She hikes up her skirts enough so they don’t get too dirty, because gross, and makes her way to the house. The doors are open and the lights are on, so obviously they’re cool with — maybe even encouraging — potential trick-or-treaters. The place seems…off, somehow, but if anything that makes Karin want to check it out even more. Spooky stuff is her thing.

“Trick or treat.”

Not very enthusiastic, but it gets the point across.

((tricks welcome!))
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

Yet again, nobody was there. Even though the fireplace lit up the place and the door was left open, you'd think someone would be present and handing out candy?

"I can't heeeaaar yoooouuu....~"

It was coming from above. Something began dripping down from the ceiling.

"To be fair... It's hard to hear anythin' from up here."

Just as the demon began to engage in much more casual banter, possibly to lure Karin into a false sense of security, the many-eyed abomination dropped down from the darkness with a thundering crash. Tongues wriggled up towards the darkness they had just descended from, clusters of eyeballs in places they did not belong observed their surroundings frantically before locking onto the girl in the doorway, teeth erupted from unoccupied areas of the skin, and the devil's jaw hung down, unhinged, with about two or three extra sets of teeth to fill up that space.

The many mouths, ones visible and others out of sight, began snarling and hissing in an echoing choir of madness.

...Perhaps it was clear that Mixie wasn't just handing out candy within a crime scene. No, she must have had something to do with it.
Mixie Tonitrua (played by GingerHades) Topic Starter

And so, as the night stretched on and the area around the farmhouse grew exceptionally misty, the steady stream of trick-or-treaters had ground to a halt. Was everyone simply off to bed? Or had more officers rushed to the crime scene for backup? It was hard to say. Whatever the case, Mixie had decided to wrap it up for the night. All of this scaring had made her so, so tired... So, so hungry.

The door was slammed shut. Mixie retrieved the bowl of candy that was still full of bite-sized candies.... but not before paying one of the poor officers, who was locked up in another room, a visit.
Nobody was close enough to Mixie's domain to hear him scream.

As Mixie had her dinner, and was going to enjoy her dessert later on, she was at the point where she wanted no disturbances. She wanted nothing more than to curl up by the fireplace, with a full tummy and a candy bowl in her lap.

Any stragglers who stepped foot onto the property were not greeted at all, save for the two that Mixie held dearly. To anybody else, Mixie snarled and roared from behind closed doors, demanding one thing and one thing only.


Those that did not comply were never heard from again.

And that wraps up Mixie's Haunted Manor! I'd like to thank you all for stopping by; I was shocked to find that (almost) everyone opted for a trick! I wasn't expecting that, but you were all such good sports and wrote such beautiful posts!

Sorry I wasn't able to wrap this up on the day of Halloween (I had work :(), but I still had a lot of fun! I hope you all did as well, and as always, I hope our characters can cross paths again someday!


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