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Cyphrus (played by Anakisuto)

Cyphrus's house wasn't anything special on the outside, save for a few cameras that seemed to be alive. It was isolated from the rest of the city of Seattle, about six miles from any sort of civilization.

The inside was set for one of the most extravagant games he had hosted so far. All he needed were players.

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Azura was all ready for trick-or-treating. She knocked on the door, wondering if it would be a witch, a robot, a giant spider, a zombie, or something else. So many things to see at Halloween!
Cyphrus (played by Anakisuto) Topic Starter

The door opened on its own, and a voice from inside said "Welcome. If you wish to play my game, then you may come in. Pick up one box and sit in the corresponding seat."
Azura looked curiously into the house; she nodded to the direction from which the voice had seemingly come, and walked inside. She had her phone and location on, plus a small assortment of relatively good stuff in her purse in case of emergencies so she should be okay, she figured.
Rykle Looked up This must be the Place she took her phone out and had emgerices number ready to be in use she walked up the steps this is going to be one trick or treat fun house for sure I love zombies and vampires which reminds me I am a daughter of an Vampire
Cyphrus (played by Anakisuto) Topic Starter

When Rykle entered the house, she heard a voice from inside, "Welcome. If you wish to play my game, then you may come in. Pick up one box and sit in the corresponding seat."

((This just looks like a regular house, FYI))
Azura took the most interesting looking box she could see. She hoped this wasn't some sort of Squid Game. Sitting in the corresponding seat, she looked around.
Cyphrus (played by Anakisuto) Topic Starter

Nothing was around her, save for a few other people. A blonde-haired man and a redheaded woman across from him were chatting.

((Nobody's gonna respond to this, so I'm just gonna add some NPCs))
Azura decided to strike up a conversation. "Does anyone know what we're here for? I kind of want to look in the box, but I have no idea what's going on with the game's rules, so..." She looked at the other people. They seemed nondescript and mysterious, but then, she came from a place where people all looked majestic, all the time. Hero suits, magical girl outfits, and nekonin... All sorts. These seemingly-human people seemed a little more normal in comparison, but maybe there was more to them than met the eye?

((Sorry for not saying much, I usually work off of descriptions other people give in multi paragraph roleplays. I don't want to control your characters or settings too much, but I realize that's difficult to work with considering my slow response times. I'll attempt to be more active!))
Rykle Took a seat and waited on the next thing that is going to happen she looked around and hm nice house but it has a scary vibe to it

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