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Stuck in the ground outside of the entrance, a sign displayed the big words, "Trick Or Treat, If You Dare", a big arrow pointing to the gate into the laboratory, dressed as a haunted house today.

Phoenix, meanwhile, knelt deep inside in the form of a golden tiger, near the very end of this haunted house, a large bowl of chocolate candies sitting next to him as he waited, and waited, and waited for Trick-or-treaters to wander in for treats, if they made it through the haunted house. Think of it as a reward, he supposed, with smaller bowls and other messages scattered throughout the premises, to urge them along.

Inner Sign 1: "So, you made the mistake of entering. But can you escape?"
Inner Bowl 1: Dum-Dums

Inner Sign 2: "Hah, you're spun into my spider web now! Good luck escaping it!"
Inner Bowl 2: Twizzlers

Inner Sign 3: "I'm shocked, you've made it this far. But will you make it any farther?"
Inner Bowl 3: Juice Pouches

Inner Sign 4: "I'm disappointed, I thought I would have caught you by now. How do you keep escaping?"
Inner Bowl 4: Snickers

Inner Sign 5: "You've made it through a lot, but you've no choice but to keep plunging through!"
Inner Bowl 5: Mars Bars

Inner Sign 6: "And so you've found me! Have your reward!"
Inner Bowl 6: Snickers, Mars Bars, KitKats, Twix, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers, Hershey Bars, unlabeled black bags
Tabby (played by GlassJungle)

Tabby was highly curious of the lab and entered, risk means entertainment!
As she entered she looked down at the bowl and took only one dumdum knowing that the bowl meant the rest was for the other trick or treaters who came by the haunted house. She excitedly put the candy in her bag and continued along skipping as the ruffled sleeves of her costumes swayed around , she was dressed as Austin Powers a costume many months in the making. She ran straight into the spider web fumbling around with the strings that contained her , Eventually she was able to shake it off aggressively. "Eyuck!" She said after she got out of the web , she hoped the candy in this next bowl would be worth it, The spiderweb was pure gross! She grabbed the red ropes , definitely not worth it but she will take it candy is candy in the end.
She kept running in her knock-off purple suit and screeched to a halt at the next bowl, she took one of the juice pouches and chugged it , she was very very thirsty from all that running! She took a minute to take a few deep breaths after drinking the juice pouch and put the empty one back in her basket , she wasn't a litterer outside nor inside.
As Tabby came up to the next sign she laughed as she took the Snickers bar. "Cats have tricks up their sleeves like foxes do!" She shouted to absolutely no one. She continued down the corridors of the haunted house her tail high in happiness. She continued to the next bowl with a large smile on her face as she took the mars bar placing it in her tote and read the sign again. "I'm a clever cat!"
She ran down the corridors once again really excited for what was next in the haunted house. She approached the last bowl with a smile taking one of each out of the bowl. "I hope you don't mind me taking one of each! Thank you for everything ill be sure to visit again next time!" She smiled exiting the haunted house and into the foggy air of the full moon night of Halloween surely heading to the next houses for the next fun experiences.

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