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Here I come with a couple of suggestions that I'm not sure if they ever been discussed before.

What I'm about to write below are a few features that I've either seen before somewhere else or I simply would love to have as a user and think could could be of use for us writers.

Comments (GuestBook and/or Journal) Aopproval:

You might be wondering what I mean by Comments Approval. Well, whenever someone sends out a comment to both our GuestBook or Journal it immediately shows there and we are notified. So far so good. What if we had a setting option where we could choose if the comment gets automatically approved (which is what's happening now) or they remain pending with two options (Approve/Reject)? For me at least, the way I see it, it would be a nice feature. Why? Well, because for instance I would be able to approve the comment in the moment I would feel like it suits me or that I could actually... And since the comment would be pendant there I wouldn't forget about it.

One more thing: Having the possibility to comment on Gallery pictures would be cool I think. I would have another suggestion regarding the gallery Pictures but since the subject of this post is (Comments Approval) Maybe I should make another post.
Hmm... personally, I think approvals sort of defeats the purpose of a 'guestbook'. I think it would discourage people from taking the time to write something if there is a chance it will not ever appear. At least that will be how I feel about it. I suppose as long as it is a setting that can be deactivated, and a guestbook entry can be edited while in a pending approval state, it would be fine. I will likely delete any guestbook entries made that go into pending approval and not think any more about it.

I like seeing surprise guestbook entries for my characters, and I've met new people and got into roleplays through it. I have gone in and deleted some weird entries at times, but still. I personally don't allow commentary on my character journal entries and turn that off, because I use it more as a private in-character diary.
instead of a pending queue, is there an option to have a guestbook comment notification show up in your inbox, like a server message?

that way you'd know about it more readily and still have that 'to be replied' list hanging around.
DevilWithin Topic Starter

My point of view is completly different. I think that the comments simply popping in at the guestbook and Journal without a notification allert can be confusing, and kinda messy. My personal opinion is that there could be an allert with a comments icon like they have the message icon up there and with a number of comments you have still to read. It would be very useful and much easier to handle the notifications and reply to them in order without missing out anything. I also love receiving comments, means that people is interacting with me, and from that point on Roleplay can happen, but I get lost with ease the way they just appear there. And If they ever implement the comments approval, I don't think it should come as a default of the platform either, it could be like it is now and then at the settings we would have an option to set the comments to only appear at our page once we approve them. It would be optional.

Look, this is the way it works on a platform that I've been for as long as I can remember, but that unfortunatelly will be migrating to another one:
There at the left side of the image it shows me that I have one comment pending, (waiting for approval) This notification won't go away until I either approve or deny it, of course my point is to accept and respond.

Once I click there it will direct me to tthe comment/s I have waiting for the approval, like that:

From that moment on I can accept and reply, it also allow me to open all my conversation with that person, it's cool as well cause sometimes I need to review our comments historical to respond propperly to the sequence of events of the storyline.


Like that....

I'm not saying that everyone should agree to my opinion, or agree to it, I'm merely sharing my thoughts about it, and since it would be optional, everyone could choose to have it as it is now or change into what I've just shown.
Kim Site Admin

I have no particular objection to making this an option. I don't know where on the development priorities it will fall, but I'll add it to the list. :)
DevilWithin Topic Starter

Kim wrote:
I have no particular objection to making this an option. I don't know where on the development priorities it will fall, but I'll add it to the list. :)

Thank you so much for listening to my suggestion, that's really nice of you. Ah, sure I mean I'm by no means rushing anything here I was merely mentioning something that I thought it could be nice and at the same time useful. Whenever you can I'll be very happy to see it happening.

Being an admin must be hard work so of course you must set your priorities straight.

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