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RETIRED CHARACTERS (played anonymously)

(FOUNDLINGS) - {The city never sleeps, does it?}
FOUNDLINGS is an RP universe inspired by superhero films, modern day magic and The Umbrella Academy. More can be learned about Klaude McMannington, his brother (Loux McMannington) and his partner-in-crime (Cazz Meine) on his profile.

Superheroes aren't real, right? They're just fake, made-up fictional characters for children to look up to as idols, correct? There's no such thing as people that can fly by nothing but their own body, or people's eyes that can shoot lasers out of them, yes? All this stuff is fake, alright?

Well, well... It's time to wake up to it, because though you can't see it, it's there. There is superheroes and supervillains all around you, except they are in the guise of everyday people. Take this guy for instance, Klaude McMannington, known for his frequent visits at the local bar. He seems like your average guy, right? ...Well, aside from his extra flair.

You see that tall, tough guy beside him? Loux McMannington, his brother who works at a restaurant part-time. He seems like your average guy, right? And that kid, looks to be around fourteen years old. Cazz Meine, seems like your average, everyday kid, correct?

Well, all of it is wrong.
It's wrong.

They aren't average.
They just choose to look average.

These are the real life superheroes I'm talking about...
...You just gotta look for'em closely.

- Please don't jump right in, show me your character first!
- When OOC, use "((" these "))", okay?
- No romance, especially no 18+/NSFW romance.
- Do not take control of other people's characters.
- No Godmodding/OP characters
- No OOC Drama, limit IC Drama
- This can close at any time, with or without notice.
- I would prefer you only use one character, but the limit is three characters.
- Do not hesitate to let someone know if something or someone is making you uncomfortable
- This is a fictional world, this isn't the real life. Please do not add politics or controversial content to the RP.
- Adjustable Length to Paragraphs Required, no one-liners.

Please allow me to make the first post before asking to join, thank you. :)
RETIRED CHARACTERS (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"The city never sleeps, does it?" Klaude, a tall man with black, frizzy hair, twirled the umbrella he was holding a bit and muttered. "Never has, never will." Loux, (who was also very tall, but stout and tough-looking, very strong) said, hands shoved in his pockets. "Trust me, I know, the future for this place sucks. No flying cars yet." Cazz, the 14-year-old kid, rolled his eyes, fingers looped around his belt, a different umbrella in the other hand.

Klaude peered at one of the bars, the lights flashing and glowing from inside and out, the LED lights were enough to give one a headache, but it enticed him like peanut butter on a mouse trap just the same. He figured today wasn't the day, and left it alone, continuing to walk with his brother and partner-in-crime. "The weather won't sleep either, just keeps on storming. Whoooosh." Klaude glanced up at the dark clouds, moving his umbrella slightly so he could see it, motioning the rain falling with his hands, waggling his fingers around.

"Klau- Klaude-" Loux barked, who was getting wet. "Umbrella-"
Klaude put the umbrella back the way he had it, "My bad." He said in a flamboyant tone to his voice.

"And that's why you shouldn't let Klaude be in-charge of the umbrella, or get your own." Cazz raised his brows with a smirk. "Ah, quiet old man." Loux spat on the ground, not towards Cazz, thankfully. "Aw, boo. You guys are always too serious and, just, my gosh... Lighten up, you're about as bad as the rain." Klaude sighed dramatically. "Eh, and you're about like the sun in my eyes when driving to work in the morning." Loux smirked.

Cazz was caught off-guard and nearly cracked up laughing, "I-"
Klaude pouted, "Hey now... What gives you the right-?"

Loux snickered and walked a little faster, causing Klaude to have to speed up. "Now you're doing this on purpose, Loux! Get back here!" Klaude whined as Loux just got faster and faster until he went into a sprint. Cazz rolled his eyes and suddenly zapped himself through a blue-ish, white-ish light and teleported when needed to keep up with the two grown men. Though they didn't really act like it sometimes.

But Cazz just supposed that was how brothers were, always.
How would Cazz know? He didn't have brothers.

"Heeeeeey!" Klaude then had to break into a run to chase after Loux, which defeated the purpose of the umbrella, because the rain just hit Klaude and Loux's faces anyway. Cazz shook his head and thought to himself... "Morons." He smiled and kept on teleporting to follow them.

(After all, he was so fast at it that no one really noticed him doing it anyway, and most people had their face shoved in their phones or inside buildings to keep away from the rain...)

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