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It's this easy.

Write a two-sentence horror story, reply with it here, and the winner will have it written into a full story.

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As I leave the remnants of the now desecrated altar, remembering poisoned memories of prayers ill-gotten, I look upon the horrid expanse of the all-encompassing ebon sky. Who have I been fervently praying to, or rather, what had answered my call?
Maybe it's a dream and nothing is real but it wouldn't mean a thing. I've been trapped in this loop of nightmares, experiencing it over and over.
(For cats)

There was a food bowl. And it was empty.
I walk into the living room after a long day of work. I live by myself so who turned on the lights?
Dr. Calhoun F. Iceberg (played anonymously)

The cake icing was a bright red. We ran out of red food coloring last week...

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