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newly back to the website and for the life of me I can't figure out how to find fandom rps. ive searched super popular fandoms and i keep getting no results.
I think that fandom RPs, even for very popular fandoms, aren't extremely common here? I see posts for them pop up now and then, but not all that often. also, sometimes people will make a post titled something like "looking for fandom RPs" and inside it they'll list their fandoms, so a search by title wouldn't bring those posts up because no specific fandom is in the title.
searching for groups instead of forum posts is also an option, if groups interest you, but there's still no guarantee you'll find what you're looking for or that any given group is active right now.
and of course, you can always try making your own post or group, if you want, and hope it gains traction.
Honestly, yeah. There's some keywords and acronyms that might help if you know your fandom well enough (ATLA vs Avatar: The Last Airbender, gaang, airbending, avatar, etc.), but in my many on and off years I've just not seen a lot outside of people posting their personal fandom interest lists. You may be able to search through characters profiles with similar keywords, acronyms, and full titles.

In the past, there's been things like the Victorian Aeternum and the Wild West Compendium that are groups centered to roleplays in those eras. I feel like something related to fandom(s) might pop off really well with the right advertising?

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