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Don't know if this actually exists somewhere and I'm just blind but I've legit looked everywhere.

Having the little icons off to the side really messes with my OCD, I just wish there was a way to hide them? Just a lil box you can click in the settings or a way for you to determine which ones get displayed like your regular items, etc.

tl;dr (Spoiler for soapboxing, no actual warnings.)
To be honest, I really just don't like the "kudos-ing for accolades" thing that goes on around the holidays and I don't want people to look at my accolades and think that the only reason I say nice things about people is so that I can get something out of it. It feels forced. I do think having an event where kudos-ing is the main focus is a neat idea, I just don't think getting the accolade for it is ....a good way to do it. Giving a kudos shouldn't give you a reward? Idk, maybe that's just me.
It's all in good fun. I use the 'Excellence' week to give kudos to those characters and writers I may have been meaning to give one to through the year. I don't do it for a candle, but I do think they are cute.

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