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Nursery (played anonymously)

Before you enter,

This place contains

"Undetailed gore"
"Eerie elements/Horror elements"
"Dark undertones"

I refuse to go too horrifying with Nursery, since he is a nice character, he just...doesn't know the proper way to help people... <_<

The only rules for this forum is;

- No godmodding/OP characters
- No one-liners/"hello."/Chat-styled Posts.
- Adjustable Length / Paragraphs Required is preferred over Concise
- No emetophobic triggering material, I have emetophobia!
(And let's not go too detailed with blood/gore/body horror/injuries, for the sake of others)
- If I don't reply to you for a long time, but reply to others... Please assume that I have no answer to what you said. :(

Nursery (played anonymously) Topic Starter

(( OPEN FOR BUSINESS! <3 ))((If this says closed, then please don't reply.))
Nursery (played anonymously) Topic Starter


Welcome to Wonderland Doctor's Office, it's open to anyone who needs it.
Ran by Nursery, a nurse that may or may not have a PhD. (But that doesn't matter, he'll fix you right up! <3)

Please state your problem and Nursery will attempt to help you with it. :)
Psychical injuries such as broken bones, wounds, multiple eyes that weren't there before. Only! <3

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