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NOTE: This is not my sim, I am helping the GM get the word out.

Want to hunt a pirate or two?
Love small ships and a hands-on crew?
This might just be the sim for you!

The USS Bretagne is a Saber-Class Fast Frigate, fresh from a successful shakedown cruise, enters the Sol System to meet its captain and crew. Its 2379 and William Riker has just received his first command. Its also the year that Remington Hayes receives his first command. His orders? Patrol the border along the Romulan Neutral Zone and investigate the recent uptick in pirate activity. With 15 officers and 60 enlisted, the USS Bretagne is about to go pirate hunting. Want to come?

Positions Needed:
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief of the Boat

Age Requirement: 18
RPG Rating: 2-2-2
Our Discord:
How to Reach the GM on Discord: Dreamer#2840
Game URL:

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