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I don't know if this is already a function on the website or not, but is there a way, as a verified adult, people can choose whether or not we want to bypass warnings or at least what types of warnings they want? Sometimes I am just so gung-ho that I want to jump into a character's profile and I'm given the warnings section, or even the newly adapted photos warnings. Even as an adult, I'm sure there are some things that may still be triggering to other adult players, so having the option to filter or select preferences could even be plausible, or just leave the whole thing as it is. But for those of us who are unfazed by it all, are verified, of course, and just want to get into the thick of it -- would it be at all possible to have a way to just bypass it all?

If this is at all out of line or I'm in the wrong place to suggest or ask this, I apologize! I am easily distracted and have an "Oo, look a squirrel!" brain, so any step I can somehow eliminate to get where I'm going would be good by me!

the privacy/comfort settings got a recent comprehensive update and i think that might be what you're looking for? if you don't want any warnings at all you can just check every box

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Ahh, wunderbar! Thank you so much for this. I appreciate the sharing of knowledge. I love learning new things, of course, and this looks exactly like what I was looking for. Thank you again.

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