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Hi all! So I know my presence in forums is pretty much non existent, but I wrote this one shot story yesterday and I just really wanted to share it. Its very rough as I was simply trying to get the idea across and didn't put much into the actual characters themselves, but I still hope that you all like it! Small warning, there is mentions of blood!

Oh, also, this is best read with this song: Middle of the night
And here is the youtube version in case anyone doesn't use spotify.

But here is my short story!
"No!" the hero yelled, his hand outstretched as if he could do anything in his battered state. "Please, I'm begging you!" he cried out. The monstrous villain grinned. A malicious, evil thing, and raised his sword, aiming it at her heart. The eyes of the woman whose wrists he held before him widened, and she looked at the jagged blade with fear; and the realization that she was going to die. There was the smell of ozone, then the sound of crackling electricity, followed by a crack of thunder, and a flash of lightning. He thrust his blade into-thin air. He blinked in surprise, looking around as he tried to figure out what had happened. Across the room, nearly five feet from the hero, Kaedus was there, with Jade in his arms, still wide eyed with fear.

She blinked, then looked up at Kaedus with surprise, realizing that he had saved her. He panted softly, and looked at her, his left eye full of blood, a nasty gash across his eye all the way to his cheek. "Are you alright?" he asked, as if he weren't bleeding from a dozen wounds. She shuddered when she realized how close to death she came, and gave a nod, burying her face in his chest. He set her down gently, wincing at the action; and she ignored the hero's questions as she peeked out from his chest, at the wicked blades he wielded. Those ugly, ugly blades. Though, as she looked at them now… she could see the beauty of them that Kaedus has spoken about. The hero's weapon was straight and perfect. A blade of honor. While his blades… they were the ones that would get things done. Crooked and jagged; and do whatever was necessary to protect what they loved.

He brandished those blades after putting her down, and she flinched as she heard the villains growl even from here. "Still have a little fight, I see" he mused, his tone darkly humorous and eager. "More than enough to deal with you" Kaedus replied, giving that stupid, cocky smirk of his. Another flash of lighting, and he was gone, and the sound of swords clashing filled the room once again. Jade looked over to see the two fighting all out, so much that a small cloud of dust formed at their feet. Jason helped her to her feet, favoring his left leg as blood poured out of a nasty gash in the right.

"Let's get out of here" he said, already limping toward the door. "We-we can't just leave him" she protested, and he looked over at the battle, waving them off. "He can handle it. Besides, he would do the same to us"

'No, he wouldn't' she thought, but she bit her tongue to hold back the response.

"Let him deal with it while we get some medical attention. Then we can regroup with whoever is left and take him head on." That was his plan. To run away. And leave Kadeus to fight, and die alone.

"I always figured I would die alone. And that's okay. A happy ending was never really in the cards for me"

Her hands clenched, and she looked at Jason's outstretched hand.

"Don't worry. You don't need to be strong. I can be strong and protect both of us. And everyone else." That was what he had told her when she revealed that she thought she might have magic. 'You don't need to be strong'.

While Kaedus… he had a different thought on the matter… He looked at her, then tilted his head curiously. She glared at him. "What?" she demanded to know, and he simply shook his head. "Nothing. Its just that you have a lot of magic potential within you, and its just begging to get out. When you feel that pain in your chest, its your power pounding at the door to be let out. You could be quite powerful if you developed your power. Heh, maybe even stronger than me one day"

The sound of metal sliding across the floor pulled her out of the memory, and she looked down to see one of Kaedus' blades halfway across the room. He swore, and went for it, but the villain pressed him, keeping him from getting a chance.

He had believed in her, and told her what she could be capable of. And he hadn't given up on her.

"Your power comes from here," he pointed at her chest, only an inch away, then moved the finger down to her belly. "But you must pull it from here"

She understood then. He was giving his all to give them a chance. To save them, to save everyone.


Her eyes glowed gold, and so did her skin. Suddenly she was enveloped in light, which shone brightly enough to pause the fighting for the briefest of moments before the villain seized the moment to pounce at Kadeus to catch him off guard.

The light dimmed, and Jade stood there, no longer in the simple armor that she had bought a lifetime ago, but in brilliant white and gold armor. She wore a small breastplate, with a pair of gauntlets and greaves, and a helmet; all perfectly fitted to her, and very light as well. She wouldn't have been able to tell it was there if she hadn't been looking at it. And behind her.. were the most beautiful pair of wings. They almost looked to be made of light itself. A blade materialized before her, large and beautiful, with a golden gem in the hilt. "That's Escillion. The legendary blade" Jason said in awe. The weapon looked much too large for her, but she took it with ease, as if it weighed no more than a feather.

Swinging it, it felt perfect in her hand. Like it was made for her. But… it still didn't feel right. Looking to the ground, she released the blade, and it clattered to the floor. Jason looked at her in disbelief, and scrambled to pick it up, only to find that he couldn't move it. As if it weighed a thousand pounds. He strained to lift the weapon, but to no avail, even slipping in his own blood and landing on his ass.

Jade stepped over to the blade that Kaedus had lost, and picked it up delicately. The blade gave a dark aura that seemed to wane in her light, but she felt it surge, and a little bit of that darkness came over to her. Along the edges of the aura, her own light shone, the two powers merged into one. She heard the ring of steel, and saw Kadeus' guard break before the villain. He raised his weapon for the killing blow, and the ground cracked as she suddenly surged forward, crossing the room in mere seconds to bring the blade to bear, and stop the blow that would have killed him.

"About time" Kadeus praised with a smirk. "I knew you had it in you" he added, grinning softly at her.

The villain looked at the two of them, then raised his blade, snarling at the pair. Kadeus gave a grunt, and his dark power flowed out of him, encasing him in the armor that he had worn earlier. It was a grim contrast to her heavenly armor, but no less effective.

"Jade darling, lets go"

She smirked. "I thought i told you not to give me orders" she reminded him, and they charged the villain together. Each of them held one of his blades, and attacked in perfect unison. They moved as though they had been fighting together for years, and knew just how the other would fight, attack, and defend. While he went high, she went low. If the Villain moved to swing at them, she countered while he followed up with a blow of his own. It was like a beautifully choreographed dance. And they were the only ones who could hear the music.
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Also please feel free to comment if you liked it or found it interesting!
Oh I love it why am I the first one to comment on this...
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DreamGirl wrote:
Oh I love it why am I the first one to comment on this...

I'm glad to hear you like it. Even though I wrote it as a quick one off I put a lot of thought into it 😊
Hi! Its pretty hard for me to jump into things in the middle, as it were, but this one I liked all the way through!

I thought it was excellent. Thanks for sharing!
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Omg thanks! I really appreciate it!

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