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All around the RPR, soft leafs flurry from fruit trees, some of them stitched with ink, reading:

Illustration Practice Lottery at the Public Facing Creativity Group The Easel!

Roll a dice for any character's free illustration! Watch out for consolation prizes. :D
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2023 Spring Gallery
cartoonish rendering of a gray rat anthro stuffing an entire tin can of bright pink earth worms into his open maw, with hearts and sparkly eyes because rats love to eat bugs of courseflat pastel colors and simple black linework of a horned elf from behind, his shoulders hunched as he drops a canister of peanuts while colorful paper worms fitten over springs leap from the canister, a gag item common to practical jokers that launches the fake worms, or snakes, out of the can when it's opened.form and shading study using conan the barbarian remake reference pic, in ashy green and fire colors, shirtless male human person demon ifrit guy in 30s with beard and fun scrungly hair; waist-up image simple staring off into distance posesimple digital linework of cyborg woman, from behind, mid-air in an action pose.
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May run open!
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2024 Summer Gallery

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