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The Chaos Knight sat upon a twisted metal throne, clad in black plate armor and wielding two light swords. Her blue eyes gleamed under her visor, burning with bloodlust. Her voice rang out, sounding cold and yet jovial at the same time.

"All who deem themselves worthy of my power, step forward and prove yourself to me. If you succeed, you will be given power beyond moral standing. If you fail, you shall die."

The Knight sat back in the throne, vigilantly waiting for a challenger.
Murcary Levi (played by TemtoeZ)

Drawing his katana from his sheath he stands in front of the knight "Your power is mine great Chaos Knight!, Let's Fight." He said staring down the knight.
Anakisuto Topic Starter

The Chaos Knight seemed unrattled by Murcary's show of looking her up and down. She actually seemed humored by it. "If you insist.."

Suddenly, the Knight was nearly on top of Murcary, attempting to drive a huge sword into his heart. He was so close that he could hear the metal plates of her armor rasping against one another.
(Can i join in later?)
Anakisuto Topic Starter

Murcary Levi (played by TemtoeZ)

Before Murcary could swing his blade he was being attacked, huge sword driving towards his heart. With a flash a dark gauntlet materializes around his left arm, with its plates pulsating as if it were alive with a Ominous glow emitting from in between each of the plates, He throws his armored hand in front of the blade barely stopping it. Emitting a show of sparks and what seems to be a animal like hissing noise from the gauntlet as the knight drives the tip of their blade further towards Murcary. "Gaagh, you're strong!" he gasps, then with a sudden burst of strenght he pushes the blade back towards the knight for a split second to step out of the blades direction as it sinks into the ground. Within a split second he grips his blade with both hand as another dark gauntlet materializes on his right arm the lights coming from the gauntlets shining bright as he swings is blade at the knights leg with destructive power.

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