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Hello! I am Eros Thanatos also known as Kahmical, and I am BACK with another sale!

Present to you March Minis! The sale where I draw cute chibi versions of your characters for the low price of $30-$40 depending on the complexity of the character! I also offer drawings of couples for $50-$60! All chibis will be fully colored and rendered, but with no background. They will also be in .PNG format so that you may display them on your website! Isn’t that neat-o?

This sale runs until March 31st and then it is over! I may continue to offer chibis afterwards, but the price may be a little different. So now is the time to grab some cute art!


Payments are accepted through Paypal, Ko-Fi, or Zelle in USD. Half of the payment is accepted upfront and the other half is taken before rendering. There will be up to five edits allowed before completion. Estimate completion is 2-7 days from time of payment.

The art made by me and is for personal use only and I ask that you do not use them in AI or NFTs.

Art may be shared or re-posted but signatures must be left intact.

Contact is made through DMs or Discord messages to ErosThanatos#7282
Kahmical Topic Starter

Here's a completed chibi for IcyLady's character alauntree


I am now down to 4/5 slots available
Kahmical Topic Starter


Xyomara Chibi Completed!

Now there's 3/5 slots available
Kahmical Topic Starter

Two more Chibis created! I now have all five slots open!



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