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Alone, scared, the dark is clawing for his soul.
A boy, please help, aid or he will pay the toll
The boy, chased by terrors, creatures of the night
The dark, it must perish, 'fore devour's all in sight.

James was brought up by a father who was the the heir to a secret. For seventeen generations, his family had held possession of a book known only as The Rune Archive . Within said book, magic is made possible. and the runes gathered in its pages can make the bearer a powerful person indeed. James was taught from birth by his father to protect the book at all costs and studied its power, eventually memorizing it to the point where he no longer needs it to carve any rune necessary for his magic.
At the age of nine, however, disaster struck, when a group of occultists murdered James' father and tried to steal the book. In a panic, James burned the book in order to keep the occultists from its secrets and fled. For the past two years now, he has been on the run, avoiding large cities and trying to discover more about the occultists who murdered his father. As well as discovering that they are the least of his problems, as something darker is at work, Hunting him.

At this point the basic plot I'm going for is that while James is looking for answers, he encounters a woman who is also familiar with the world of magic. She could be a hunter of dark creatures(a la supernatural) a government paranormal investigator, or something else that fits with the environment. (I'm open to ideas if you have them).
Anyway, as I was ex-positing, This woman would encounter James, and after some discussion and probably an encounter with something crazy and evil, would take him with her, acting as a surrogate sibling. Helping him to discover the true purpose of the Occultists, who killed his parent.

I'm really looking for a 1X1 type of story, something that can be worked on for a long time to come.
Non-essensial Characters (played anonymously)

Perhaps one of these characters could be of assistance. They are not nearly done, but there are several under the fantasy tab. There may be one you like!
Yea, I'm looking for a more complete character if possible. No offense,
Non-essensial Characters (played anonymously)

None taken. These characters are designed to aid main characters in RPs, be used as main characters (except they can die with no problem), or even be used to help create back stories.

Good luck to you!
I have about three witches that could work with this.
Abby Sanders: A woman who is also a witch. After years of being punished for something she couldn't control, had a child that after five years of having the little girl, had her memory erased of her and her dear daughter was moved to a new family. Even after all this, she is still kind and understanding, willing to help anyone who needs it.

Mai Schwarze: A witch that has been tortured by the leader of the Witch Clan that she can't escape no matter how she tries and the memory of being burned alive still haunts her mind. She has grown cold and bitter over the years with all the pain she had faced.

Moriah Blackstone: A teenage witch who is in hiding form her mother who is the witch clan leader. She is very kind and helpful but comes off a bit cold at first.

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