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Cruz De Vil (played anonymously)

I've been working on Cruz' profile some and for some reason I feel like something's missing from his profile. I'm not sure what however. Could someone please give me some tips and advice, suggestions even, for Cruz here? :)
Aw, I've always been pretty fond of the villain offspring trope. I like Cruz a lot, he's a neat concept!

I really only have one suggestion for you: give him a backstory! Or if you're wanting to wait to reveal it in roleplay, then maybe you can throw in some snippets that link to his background as a sort of teaser. Maybe even consider touching on the relationship between him and his parents? Since Cruella was a villain, diving into how he may think of her (or even how people outside of the De Vil family thinks of Cruz due to his association with his mother) may be interesting to touch on. Does he share her views? Does she influence him in any way? Since Cruz is a little fashionista, maybe you can explore some fashion related things to add to his profile, such as hobbies and such, or even clothing items he's designed!
Cruz De Vil (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Sorry for this really late reply. <_<

I don't quite have a backstory yet, but I just made a story of how the vice-manager of the fashion company/studio treats him. :( She sucks.

I'll definitely be keeping all these things in-mind though as I continue to work on Cruz' profile. These are really helpful and good things to think about when concepting a character. <3 Thank you!

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