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I just thought it would be a cool idea to embed Spotify audio, since most of the time people dislike listening to music via youtube.

the embed code could possibly be:

[spotify] link here [/spotify] similarly to the youtube embed code
I feel like I remember seeing this mentioned before, that there was a possibility of it being added. I'm not sure if it was decided against/deemed impossible, or if it's just not been done yet because of other priorities. But, if it is feasible, I'd also really like it to be a feature.
Kim Site Admin

I did attempt this once and was dismayed to discover at the time that it took WAY more code to implement than things like Vimeo or Youtube. I'd be happy to look into it again and see if it's improved over the years. :)
Auberon Moderator

+1 support if it won't drive you to distraction with the sheer amount of code. I would love to integrate songs and playlists on my profiles. If not, I can live with youtube. :D <3
In my experience, Spotify only plays a "sample" snippet of a song if the person listening to it doesn't have or is not logged into their Spotify account.

And this is the first I'm hearing that "most people dislike listening to music via YouTube." o.O In my experience, it's long been the preferred method for sharing an individual song, not just here but everywhere else I go, too.

That's not to say I'm against this or anything. Just commenting that our experiences apparently don't line up. XD
Not sure if this has been looked into, but, you could just add a widget where you upload an mp3 file maybe? It could start playing at a set volume when someone views the character page? Rather than putting the burden on you to code in a feature that extends to another site.

Just an idea.

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