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Just curious who uses the likes of Pinterest, moodboards, etc for character inspiration. And I'd be very curious to see yours if you have them!

Inspired by the fact that I'm absolutely obsessed with my own character Pinterest boards at the moment 😂 So much fun.
I use them a lot, yes! They are all private boards though.

It's fun sorting little pictures into boxes. XD
You want Pinterest boards? Well let me tell you, I've got Pinterest boards. Most of them are private at the moment (because there's a lot), but there's a few public ones to browse. The Pinterest worm hole has to be the absolute worst, when I remember my boards exist I can waste hours just scrolling through wardrobe ideas for my characters.

I pretty much only use Pinterest for clothing inspiration and aesthetic stuff. But I originally made it for clothing things. I really only started throwing in aesthetics so I had a place where I could quickly grab images, because some of my other communities are crazy about character banners, and I get dragged onto the bandwagon every now and then.

An awful tangent on character fashion
So, I'm big on costume design. And thats part of the reason why I'm a fan of a lot of campy media such as Tank Girl and Bayonetta. I learned two things from playing Bayonetta; the first: Frank Sinatra's music translates really well into the high-energy pop genre. The second: I'm an absolute fiend for character fashion. I mean, it was kind of obvious in my earlier years, especially in my early stages of roleplay. When I played LotRo back in the day, most of my time was spent collecting cosmetic items. 😂 I love when a character has a ginormous wardrobe, to me it can help tell their story. And when outfits are tied in with symbolism? Ugh don't even get me started, thats the best kind of wardrobe anyone can give a character. Give me the butterfly effect, I want to see a character metamorphose through their ensemble. I want to see them go from funky little caterpillars to giant butterflies, or moths, or whatever else they're supposed to turn into. I want the sparkly Barbie movie dress reveal, give it to me.

It only made sense that all of my characters (or at least most, I have some that are perpetually in the "nude" since playing dress up with giant eldritch gods just makes them look goofy) needed a outfit board that was fully organized, not only by season but also separate clothing items. It's what they would have wanted. They deserve to look like a Dark Souls boss that got dragged through a Dior fashion show. 😌

I should probably look into expanding my Pinterest board horizons, I see that you've got writing inspiration in yours Sky, which is a great idea. I've been goofing grammar rules lately, and doing a lot a second guessing which has set me back majorly, so a board like that to refer to would help me immensely.

And agreed, Varian! Sorting all the hoarded images into their right places is very satisfying. 😂
SmaugtheKitty wrote:
And agreed, Varian! Sorting all the hoarded images into their right places is very satisfying. 😂
We are all just dragons, but instead of hoarding gold in piles, we hoard neat pictures we find into boxes. XD

Also heck yeah I love symbolism in literally anything. Clothes? Names? Color schemes? Give meeeeee!

In-fact, some of my characters (though they are anonymous) have symbolism in the form of names. One of my old, deleted OCs, a young boy who was a house doctor that scammed and tricked people with fake remedies, had the name Biraz Lögnare.

Which roughly translates to "A Little Liar"
(Biraz = Turkish for A Little)
(Lögnare = Swedish for Liar)
I don't have ,any yet, but there's a few.

Farren Zelenia, my assassin.

Callisto Arthur, my moon girl (board still needs a lot of work).

Oaklynn Clodagh, my forest dweller.

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